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tv   Board of Education 41216  SFGTV  April 13, 2016 5:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> thank you ms. fewer policemen's dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney and ms. chin and mr. totiano okay. all right. we've got a thin beverage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge of to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge eby to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge nb loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge ocbeverage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge ohbeverage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge of everage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge overage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge oerage nobody is loudly to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge ra
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to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge ag to go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge geo go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge e go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge of go to the bathroom if you'll please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> mr. superintendent you, you have an announcement about the agenda we are withdrawing the resolution in support felt inclusion of the history of the comfort women into the statewide curriculum considered at a future meeting. >> thank you mr. superintendent we have approval of board minutes of march 8 and october 27, 2015, can i have a motion and a second? >> any corrections roll call please. thank you mr. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney that's 4ize. >> but want to welcome the members if r members of the public if anyone wants to address the board of education fill out a card in the hallway and please give it to ms. casco before the item is heard mr. superintendent. >> thank you mraeptd and good evening and everyone it is
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listening to us on the radio and tv waves a couple of thoughts each april the addition fund honors a few honorees for the public schools this includes rirtsdz bankers and formally teachers engineers and some neighbors every week nearly 5 hundred volunteers are in the sfusd classroom and another nine hundred help out monthly or at superficial events 9 thousands public school students get support from the divorcing in the term of math and others since 1963 we've partnered what sfusd to organize the volunteers for the public schools a hearty thank you to the folks that support our students and for the partnership over the many years
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there is no greater gift than the gift of time thank you for volunteering in our schools secondly, i want to invite our community to join us thursday evening april 4th at 6:00 p.m. in the board room to hear the report of finding from the community engagement on sfusd local control and other plan loving known as the el cap the sfusd receives fund from the state through the el cap that gives us student furnished that supplemental funding from electing families this is will be an interactive forum from community conversations over three hundred families and educators and others over the last two months in 26 locates the forum will include small group discussions for everyone to share their authenticities
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only the finding that is part of the shaping of the sfusd ems and to the budgeting process the most important part dinner and caregiver and interpretation services will be provided so again, this is thursday evening at&t's april 14, 555 franklin street public is welcome to be here and i invite you to come mr. president. >> thank you mr. superintendent we have oh. >> ask a question is that what you are talking about announcement about the el cap meanwhile on thursday night i wonder in the folks have expressed interest they've gotten an invitation. >> just short of engraved. >> thank you very much commissioner. >> it felt like that was preplanned.
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>> recognize and resolution there is one tonight mr. superintendent. >> thank you commissioner president haney every year the administrators are rocketed in region 5 with the association of california school administers we're very, very proud since sfusd is not the only school in the school district but proud of high administers and this is an informational item is no different we want to recognize the administrator if our school district that are honored this year and in order to do that i'd like to invite our u a sf president jean robison the president of u sf officers come forward and recognize our
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students not our students but administers your young enough to be students. >> good evening linda the supervisor for the action region 5 want i'll be doing the announcements i'd like to introduce you are past president for charter president carolyn chapter vice president (clapping.) our charter vice chair was not able to attend assess the association of california administrators is the largest organization for school leaders serving 17 thousand you educators as a to the top priority for the advocating for the students 2014 k through 12 many leadership are exceptional leadership through the annual wards we would like
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to recognize our region 5, 2016 first carlene (clapping.) middle school principal nominated by jeanie pawn (clapping.) and next susan ryan high school principal nominated by bill. >> (clapping.) >> next to be recognized is lisa miller special education nominated by rachel and then (clapping) next is gentle bright central administer nomad by one of the folks (clapping.) and finally elementary principal nominee by joey parker.
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>> (clapping.) >> argue our 2016 recipient will be honored in a dinner we offer our sincerity congratulations to the recipients representing the excellence and commitment of the educators please join me in welcoming in welcoming them. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you linda. >> congratulations to the all-star team there where student delegate report. >> thank you commissioner president haney and superintendant the student report the council participated at the chief administrative officer conference and we were pretty much the facilitators at the conference at the hotel
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other than that we pretty much just served as ambassadors provided support and it was an awesome experience in other news for the engagement of students to caliber they're voting right our team is happy to be part of encouraging our peers to exercise their right to vote on behalf of the computes we thank you for partnering up with the students of sfusd as for other student delegate business we kickoff offline the student voice for 2016 the vote will be online or also on paper it will - i will post the link on our website paper phones will be circulated to all high schools i want to give a couple
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of thank you's who incorporated the student engagement piece involving the el cap and also give a special thank you to our it department many helped us with the student voice online for every students to take thank you, mr. kelly for reducing the - thank you (clapping.) our next regularly scheduled meeting is monday at 5:00 p.m. it is a public council as an incentive to come dinner is provided. if you would like to attend and make a presentation or would like a copy and guess who will be attends we have pizza if you haven't tried that pizza combined if you live in san sco i highly recommend if
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you would like to attend and make a presentation or would like a copy contact mr. salvador lopez. you thank you, mr. president. >> i think they owe us free pizza thank you so i have one question so students with vote online for the student student delegate; is that correct. >> only log in their student id they'll vote for one student delegate and also be operating in the esl survey. >> wow. this is the first year it was done on line or done online in the past fanatic fantastic and where have a report from the parented advisory committee ms. brat.
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>> good evening commissioner president haney and commissioner and superintendant carranza joann will present this earning report she had a family emergency i'm the coordinator for the advisory committee and will have a brief presentation we're share about our collaborative work with the department recently we were invited to participate on navigating special services and advocating for students with disability one way or another one of our member will be sharing her navigation for the support as a spanish speaking parents and this is part of a larger workshop for practitioners and providers to
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learn about the experiences of families naefrt outside support this is workshop is sponsored by the san francisco support network and will think facilitated by the special education depended and support for families of children of families with skablts disabilities that will take place on friday april 15th from the 9 and in this board room and work with the special education staff around the family survey around the i p process tools to provide for families to provide feedback for school sites so far improvement and being designed to highlight policies and procedures and identifying areas for premed and
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foster communication between families and schools the survey we hope to be ready for the new school year. >> as our stunt shared with the community and members into the audience everybody is invited it this thursday for on behalf of the esl task force i'm happy to say we'll be sharing the finding with the conversations and highlighting some of the major themes across the communication as well as sharing should specific consideration from various communities about support and services that need to be increased and improved for the foster youth and spanish learners and african-american students and students with i p we want to encourage the families for learning more control it will be entering active and there will be small
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group discussions and an opportunity for families to interact and oversee many services so this is just part of one step of the process of engagement campaign while share the finding and hoping be finding in consideration with an impact with the integrated into the esl for next year and we will be sharing the district that will be sharing the el cap on may 18th just we'll see that at the everett middle school on may 18th a meeting posted by the elax and the parents siding so we want to encourage you to participate and finally recruiting for new pack members for next year and ask the families the deadline is this friday april 15th go to pack pa
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c >> thank you, ms. brat any questions or comments. >> mr. bratty was wondering are the applications on line on the website. >> it they're on the pack website yes. >> thank you we appreciate it. >> all right. public comment on consent items, there is none tonight. nobody signed up the consent calendar can i have a motion and a second? on the consent calendar any items withdrawn or corrected >> yes parapet like to ask mr. steel to read those. >> yes. one item withdrawn from the calendar 164 on page 49 of your your understanding
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agenda any items removed by the board any items severed for discussion and vote ms. wynns. >> i'd like to receive 32. >> roll call will take place under section o. >> superintendent proposal. >> 0 sorry. >> i wanted to discuss one of 4 dash 12 k-3. >> all right. board members
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proposals we have one encouraging students to exercise they're voting rights there is a motion and a second on february if a reading by ms. fewer with the student delegates. >> i'd be honored so e to have the student delegate read into the record thank you whereas the rights to vote is it mentions 4 times in the constitution more than freedom of speech or arisen or right to bear arms the voting rights was a landmark piece of legislation to stop the procedures and whereas the subcontract in 2013 valet key parts in 1965 and encompassed the rules for voter register in the future and whereas voter
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turnout in the wants elections will be more voter many any election year and the whereas the united states is a unusual democracy for voters according to a 2009 report by the center for justice of the negotiation university center and whereas the california secretary of state in order to be a elective the united states citizen residents of 18 years of age and by a court of law and not currently ibm prisoned for a conviction and whereas young people of color and low income people are likely at least likely to voted on voter turnout and whereas the voting behavior is found voting is a habitual he or she will continue to vote
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reserving and a study by doctor mcdonald under the registration program found that fewer registration combined with the education has long term effects of folks behavior and whereas the california election code also allows young to vote and whereas the pending charter amendment proposed by supervisor campos is to lower the voting age to 16 and whereas every student in the 12 in the stuth enrolled in an democracy courts and those of color and historically under represented in student input to encourage the resolution in encourage the voting rights in student engagement and the youth
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to exercise their civic duty and their school site elections and whereas the student advisory committee encourages the san francisco unified school district promote diversity and promote staff to have the voting rights and exercise and whereas the student advisory committee encourages the board of education of the san francisco unified school district to pursue the goals to promote diversity for the leadership to the youth historically without a student voice in the city hall by supporting the appointment of student leaders for the civic engagement process at the school and encouraging the preservation and for the democratic procedure when exercising their voting rights to vote and whereas by kufrment will to
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identify the student opportunities the board of education can assure diversity in the student bill of health body and whereas future student leaders to have voting rights but are on the ongoing individual school dlobd the board of education of the san francisco unified school district that encouraging the students are a stream to increase the voter education and turnout and therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district will encourage and support the staff and appointment opportunity to collaborative with ms. fewer and moreno by facility the share proposition information for the democracy classes in the forest of educating students for the process and experiencing the traditions of paramount procedure with their right to
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vote for student leadership be it therefore resolved the san francisco unified school district will support the staff to promote diversity by the appointment of student leaders to facilitate the site encouragement and by providing the students and peers updated and further be it resolved, this the board of education of the san francisco unified school district requests that the american democracy courses are offered for registering to vote that includes the preregistration of students as young as 15-year-old and is necessary for voter registration or preregistration with information on where to return the forms and be it therefore resolved the superintendant carranza will partner with the voters to develop the information sheet outlining the legals requirements for voter registration and free
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registration in partnering with organized that can offer voter registration drives at least ones yearly and be it therefore resolved that it have the platforms of 5 percent in the city of san francisco and information how to be an involved voter and be it therefore resolved that voter registration activities should be structured so that students that don't meet the student eligibility criteria in the california law any participate in class work without disclose or not disclosing their eligibility status all right. we have thank you we have a number of public speakers signed up
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(calling names). >> 2 minutes each. >> oh, my name is dei can't think a junior at the high school i support this that teaches 16 and 17 year-old to vote if you're american democracy classes explored will like teaching the topics to 16 and 17 year-old then most likely after when their 18 and their you know they're going to be
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worried about college and not worried about voting by until they finish up and after that you know they'll have the skills to be able to get out and register. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm iris a sophomores and i'm also in charge in favor of that i'm on a student advisory council and giving the students to be involved in the political process by appoint more leaders for the electoral system to have diversity in the student leaders and hearing from more students it is important thing furthermore, i think this is important to give the students the opportunity to register and i think that with low voter
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turnout it is important and teaching the students in the american democracy classes we'll be encouraging the students to have a trickle effect students that are 17 or 18 the parents will be encouraged to vote and like voting in san francisco it is important and help us with the issues so because of the student leaders and encourages better voter turnout i encourage this resolution >> hi, i'm anna i'm an independent high school as you may know the two schools are polar oppose for we don't have- i'm the first representative and (clapping.) so lots of people like me that
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choose to be in government like independents don't have the opportunities some are members of colors and will be so great to see them have a voice in city government to be part of progress i support this and happy to support this as well thank you. >> hello, everyone good evening. i'm janet a sophomore at academy high school first of all, thank you to the board of education in the voter resolution this resolution goes hand in hand with voter 16 many of the opponents know this will benefit the youth and student leadership like us however, this resolution will change that with this high school students will be given formally
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specialized education two, create and make them informed voters it is essential knowledge for all youth to be part of society through the workforce we can't be involved citizens without our knowledge of our natural rights of citizens and because of our support back in february we're asking you to help to support this and spread the voting education through sfusd thank you. >> hello i'm julian a current district one youth the current youth commissioner and i'd like to share high support for the resolution thank you, again, for the board unanimous support of vote 16
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initiate initiative and especially for the support of giving the youth 16 and 17 year-old a voice in encouraging the turnout how for this resolution is and what it means four high school students especially those who don't have family members or community members that vote and he how important to learn what this process is and how they themselves can start to vote increase voter turnout for their parents and peers the trickle effect that iris mention especially for the students surveys that asked 5 thousand students if they will vote if given the ability and 80 percent seven hundred they would this gives them the support they need and ask for as they are 18 and start to be voting citizens
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thank you. >> hi my name is a carr shell shall i go to leadership high school and currently a senior i'm supportive of the resolution because i think that would be benefit further administers i'm going on 18 and be that if a couple of weeks i don't know the voter process i think that will help many people like me and future generations and like the diversity because - this is not much black people not a lot of people of color we need more leaders of color so, yeah. >> thank you for all the supervises and especially the speeches board members questions or comments. >> commissioner welcome.
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>> oh, that one is on tuesday everybody for coming out, i am glad i've heard the testimony and thank you for those who speak in favor we're unanimously supportive of voter 16 we thought we could do more today to encourage for young people to get involved in the process and understand their right to vote and get educated about that we know from all of the studies in voting behavior that voting the earlier, you start the more likely to vote throughout your life so i was pleased to co-sponsor that with commissioner fewer and excited to see us implement this in our democracy classes this year to have young people to understand they have a voice and power
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thank you. >> commissioner fewer. >> i want to say thank you to the student delegates for according and thank you for commissioner norton for taking the lead on this resolution i'm proud to put my name on the resolution the average voting age is 18 we need to get younger people involved quite frankly and to register 5 thousand new voters every year api i've been a voter for 40 years since 19-year-old i know yeah. and i think that i've never forgotten the importance of having a vote we need to always remember how people lost their lives for the right to vote for all ages and eligible to vote what better way to start when they're in high school i hope that my colleagues will support
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this tonight thank you very much they came out and spoke >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> great, thank you i appreciate the students coming out as well i'll be supporting this resolution when we did the resolution to lower the voting age any biggest concern doing that without the counter peas to support the young people to understand the value of voting so, you know, i'll say asuggested when we did that vote which was such an important resolution for so many of you and us we hope you exercise that right to vote once you get it privilege i can't emphasis that enough i hope it will be a model and outreach will have a generation of voter to say come thank you very much for coming out and brought to your attention and getting it
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into policy in our school district. >> i'd like to piggyback on the last speaker i apologize. i didn't catch everyone's name carr shawl. >> so i'd like to piggyback open her comments she was saying she's 18-years old what no information about voter registration and a totally good totally the main focus why the student citizens advisory committee is in support the cycle to acknowledge the people of color and have a chance to exercise they're voting rights as well be informed as young adults and as well as educating
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them especially in challenged backyard - in those district they have low voting turnout we want to create momentum since they follow - the majority of youth follow the popularity for instance, a good somewhere a he or she is totally popular and he or she may not have the adequate traits for a good leader we want to be encourage and send out that strong momentum message that eve you're not popular you're probably an amazing leader as well. >> commissioner wynns i'm very supportive i wanted to say thank you to all the students for coming out we have
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this important part of crime i wanted to point out the speaker that came out we should recognize this policy is a charter school we need to have not our responsibility but accident youth leaders in the city needs to work with charter schools to make sure they do this kind of work but they don't do it so we'll you know - i do know we've had some interesting media coverage we had a number of charter schools that is a off we'll do that isn't that great we've doing innovation so i'm glad we're able to be a beacon to privatize schools but just for the record to clarify that. >> we hear any other questions or comments no
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all right. i also want to say this a wonderful thing i'm supportive thank you, commissioner fewer and commissioner norton roll call >> thank you, commissioners ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 5 i's. >> all right. public comment on general matters i have two cards joan and
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(calling names) >> 2 minutes. >> oh, good evening superintendant carranza and superintendant guerrero and mr. haney and members of the board i'm here as a parent of a child with a disadvantage and i wanted to brought to your attention to the board and members of the community regarding parking situation at school locations
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recently and i have pictures to share my husband was picking up my daughter from school she didn't have a placards, however, other students and buses need to pick up students with people with disabilities need to pull into spaces to pick up the students, however, there are cars parked illegally in handicap space or spaces retired for a handicap and including a private vehicle my husband addressed the driveway his response well, i don't pay the ticket no way i think it should be brought to the attention of the staff members as well as those that work on behalf of t district to consider the impact and what their conveying to
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people when their inhibiting people approaching parking spaces that are meant for these with handicaps in the recently rains there were cars parked in the bus pickup zones that one, the buses that was picking up a child many a wheelchair couldn't pull up to the situation the child sat in the rain couldn't be pulled into the street to access the bus the bus had to wait so if we can educate those on behalf of district not just those to be considerate of how they're impacting the community i think that will help everyone involved and the persons responsible i don't pay for the district or ticket the district does we we all do because we're taxpayers i'd like to share those pictures with you.
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening my name is a marie i'm a parent of a student another carver elementary schools and lincoln high school i'm here to represent the african-american siding as long as the pack we support the students at washington high school we're proud of the success and voice your concerns to the safety due to the classrooms ear proud of the traffic they pay for themselves and charles we would like to thank the district for this swift action and the remodel project to excuse me - to gain clarification and hold the district account we at a pack with a timeline that includes
5:43 am
the estimated completion we at a pack meet with the facilities to have a clear understanding how the remodel will work and also they have a voice in the historical abstractions we thank you for your time and encourage and invite you and other students to the next awe pack on april 21st thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening superintendant carranza and members of the board of education i'm a member of the african-american parents advisory committee a pack and tonight we have excited to share our a a pack in supports of the lowell's high school whereas an february 1st on the campus of
5:44 am
lowell high there was a interrogatory poster depicting the black history month and whereas black students and lowell high and all students at the san francisco unified school district are rightfully entitled to a high quality education without racial harassment and discretion whereas the lowell high black student union has responded with the following 7 demands these are the demands made by the lowell black student union difference phil ginsberg the staff and be as represents present during the hiring process and change the curriculum and education on other cultures perhaps a manager ethic class or like european history and 3 demands that all teachers take sensitive training
5:45 am
or supervisor training and a full-time african-american officer or person trusts or designated number of hours and number 5 african-american community discharge added lowell high school or space and number 6 was zero tolerance for administrators and ethnic heritage month whereas a pack supports all students in san francisco unified school district to pursue a high quality education without the fear of racial harassment and discretion and therefore, be it resolved that a pack solomon supports the 7 demands by the issue and further be it resolved, the pack wholeheartedly commends and statutes the actions to have reduced sexual harassment and a
5:46 am
pack will hold the meeting onto the high with the following agenda and speakers and the 7 demand progress report update for two letters for the february 5th and the admissions and graduation of lowell madam chair students and speakers and black teachers and the a little that includes the sfusd superintendent and others thank you (clapping.) mr. superintendent. >> thank you planet to personally the african-american advisory council for their resolution and just to notify the community i'll be meeting perching with
5:47 am
lowell high hool bs u one-on-one for next week we're in the final stages and we'd like to substantially be meeting with the lowell d s c as well as the community partners and stakeholder including a pack i want to commend our leadership as i shared with them toy they came to city hall it is empowering the students and parents so thank you all for your voices and reassure you, your voices have been heard and look forward to the subsequent conversations but how plans and changing of the status quo thank you. >> amelia guzman.
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>> commissioner president haney fellow board members as well as superintendent my name is a amelia guzman and a communities person who was here last year to try to congratulate the board for passing the full-time tsa by the bilingual and pathway and that was a joyful momentum the problem we're not sure it has gone far what we know there is only a part-time community instead of a full-time person not spending a lot of time on the program we're reilly
5:49 am
concerned and conveyed this to assistant superintendent brent stevens and we're kind of worried that we're not by the time we get to the fall not going to be a flurments tsa who is going to deal with this so we're brought to your attention to move forward and that their - greater concern over that but i would like the broad to really seriously look at it i want to point out one thing according to you know as far as filipino students according to the california assessment of students performance and process one high school where english language arts 2014 to 2015 filipinos didn't meet the standards 52 percent in math not meeting the standards in 89 percent i said
5:50 am
to it shocks us that one particular high school according to this agency that we're not doing well, we saying the whole issue about the bilingual passage is a bigger problem that exists and the district has to pay attention. >> thank you. >> another set of speakers i'll call up to speak on an item we've pulled but speak in general public comment if you want to come up (calling names). >> which maybe their -
5:51 am
>> thank you. >> my name is he today's agenda about the study i think the education is important since the future of the continue so programs should
5:52 am
be thought of the parents not waste away and support no bias this issue to remain is disputed between japan with the english in nature and not the evidence of city studies in this issue and one of the document is a report issued by desire agency working group for 1998 the japanese column closure in october of 2000 that was issued it's final report to congress in 2007 after seven years under
5:53 am
spending 13 government report to the reported of nazi and japanese involved crimes they concurred evidence of a forced comfort women in the nature who officers were japanese offers this was prosecuted and executed due to the report can be found in further government the iou d report in korean during the world war didn't show the picture of comfort women one thing between the english to comfort women by she was born and educated in korea and now san francisco university they
5:54 am
described. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> >> one second. >> sorry. >> one important to mention in textbook that the decision not the particular in japanese same thing is happened in u.s. arm a system in japan at the war and in korea during the korea war and same thing in the system in vietnam with the war so to educate the next generation. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening i strongly oppose adding fabricated woman into the textbook the comfort women iue is very politely socially sensitive many
5:55 am
facts have been become distorted and exaggerated two korean professors and the counties interviewed korean comfort women and wrote a book after years of research proved that the comfort women were not sex slaves they were included by koreans by their own families to pay their families debt they're not kidded by the japanese arm there are reports such as the i w d federal reports to the u.s. congress on the war crimes japanese government records and the po w reports number 49 stating they're a a lack of evidence that supports the japanese of a woman it is record that the
5:56 am
comfort women issue has been a cause of brewing for children of japanese and american decency or it is imperative the textbook contains accurate information we ask you to investigate this history and found out the clues for yourselves before adding inaccurate history as educators you role is crucial for this for the future of our children and students thank you. >> thank you. >> may start thank you hi i oppose the teaching of comfort women the comfort women stores is impactful today, i wrote a primary force of evidence the park is a
5:57 am
professor in this seoul with any koreans comfort women and published that book entitled comfort women of the empire in the book she writes inform evidence that the japanese history involved in forcing koreans comfort women into sexual service and that is korean and private people that forced the comfort women into the system and she writes that comfort women was positioned who fought together with soldiers against the enemy there were cases that were protected comfort women by violence if soldier and extradition they're
5:58 am
by the japan activities and a south korean has ordered her to redictate the 4 seconds from her book by the reason of deif i may comfort women. >> however, park is going do fight in the prior in my understanding of a book written by seoul san francisco stated universities has the similar finding before the rosa parks i hope you read the book and make a long study of people that are making saviors decision for education thank you for your time. >> thank you thank you.
5:59 am
>> hi good evening the history of comfort women is highly disputed between japan and south contra many facts were destroyed and exaggerated by japanese activists for they're political purpose no no longer an issue between contra and japan many chinese activists from their custom notify government have using this against the asian countries the san francisco unified school district entrusted comfort women and concluded most were recruited by civilians and paid many of these were korean men the majority of comfort women have been sent we japan in exchange for advanced payment or joined on their own and returned home after the services and
6:00 am
according to the japanese prisoner of war with the war information attached to u.s. army forces in 1944 the anchorage korean comfort women was 25 years old they were well paid - so they could buy clothes and shoes and enjoyed participating in events i have copies of the documents for everyone here so, please read al the research indicates the comfort women in korea were not systematically ab directed by yap army and force sex slavery didn't exist this is the fact i strongly request that the educators investigate the facts before teaching wrong and extremely bias history in public
6:01 am
schools the education of the children is so important for a positive future thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening my case this are you able to the proposal of adding comfort women to various schools the idea that the comfort women were forced to prostitution is a first narrative is a geopolitical tool we china and north korea foreclosure the alliance to gain control over strategic areas like the south china sea due do the masking of the civil rights issue i urge the moratorium on that and however the permit sources to prove my cases a comfort women book by the professor anthropology charley sarah the other is comfort women
6:02 am
written by professor parks university of south korea in 2001 professor so had involved the women in their language during the research and 9 korean women were talked to 7906 in her book saying they were sold by their family and interviewed by the unrepresentative kidded by japanese soldier with rifles one was taken away in a jeep and christmas was a very busy time japan doesn't have jeopardize let alone celebrated in japan territories in warriors they were hired by professionals and some professional prostitutes that were ruffled referred to
6:03 am
mill broths he lives they can refuse other sdieshldz thank you. >> continue, please our people indicate our children future is very important so, please listen to our story continue prisoners of war the 49 detail the military and in brazil absolutely wednesday off political exempt prices charged the women's earns that interpersonal with an ass electronic to visit shopping detail it is to our point that professor parks books about south korea it is a true story
6:04 am
and their against the government stands up on the issue their valuable you outside of south korea in the books and professor souls in the chinatown for future reading i urge you to read and in the o w with young a journalist and an army special force veteran explained the geopolitical for the carefully prepared campaign to isolate in japan as evidenced by multiply reports in the newspaper articles there is a clear agenda by china north korea and south korea for the japan alliance and to have japan with their own political gain
6:05 am
therefore i recommend that the council project abandon the truce the terrors is implemented embarrassment and will be for our future thank you. >> hello i'd like to announce about the recording and pronunciation i try my name is he blair and my i'm 87 years old it is age of the grandmother in san francisco to that - university and hearing to
6:06 am
- to the established factor and the statute after year and i arrived in the usa america in june 1962 that's a long time and become in the united in the columbia - in 1967 i love this country i love this - my i ask for my friend for help so, please. >> i'll be speaking or reading from her - >> so she continues at the end of the world war ii i was a hostile student in clearly
6:07 am
remember my surrounding at a point we lacked everyone no clothes or informed many died from starvation and many korean prostitutes that volunteered to come to japan in seeking a better life i register they shouted soldier we love you give us money and showed up material to us poor and hunger those women were materialism eir ethic he considered themselves happy they are that no shame today those women claimed they were sex slaveries against there will seeking sympathy and money and protection now the statutes satiated here in san francisco my beloved city in addition they
6:08 am
wanted to be having their lives in school textbook if allowed our young children will ground believing lives and force people that live in can be awarded that's what we'll teach the children and ideal listed the trajectory in life living our lives luxurious life for not working for a nation they love the truth of comfort women must be explained and imploded for the world peace to fax i'm absolutely against spreading e praefd lies of comfort women in textbooks thank you. >> thank you very much.
6:09 am
>> thank you thank you thank you members we're ending the agenda to your agenda we were sdufrnld it was at an out i'm glad we have at opportunity to tell me tell our stories when i initially heard about comfort women i was shocked and couldn't believe that but the world can bring the worst out in people you thought that was true many people don't know japanese have guilt ridden consciousness during the world war ii our system is teaches us to be guilty not show us the true history that is happened in japan by the way, comfort women we're putting in the textbook we're not the fact that exists they did exist they exist but
6:10 am
not sex slaves more abducted 200 thousand young women in korea was taken by force it can't be true some of the military people identify if you ask in any general when a man wants to woman more guns and powers they kidded 200 thousand women tof. found their loved one and protect them and make them not run away and on top of they were saying that 5 eight witnesses the 200 thousand women were kidnapped so you would think more 4 eight witnesses to this further during that time the research they were advisements to have comfort women if you on that the comfort women in this
6:11 am
human trafficking is a sin we're seeing in the newspaper go human traffickinger hire for young women that point to be sex slaves this is for the true i w g integrated the report after $30 million for a study in seven years can't include evidence and nazi criminals everywhere thank you. >> good evening i strongly oppose to the comfort women in the textbooks as you may know anyway u now the u.s. government study by the interagency working group and office of war information finds that there were no evidence of
6:12 am
the japanese arms costing asian to have sex slaves to the commissioners of board not the conclusion by the u.s. government study about the comfort women issue school curriculum should be fair and obviously and not politically motivated human trafficking is happening now it directed by regional and/or province in the current social environmentalist from the educators truly want students so learn the kind of human trafficking issue in conjunction with history the history should be based on the truth and there should be meaningful connections to the
6:13 am
current issue please could not yield to prop enhanced into this dishonor the country it is kaertdz responsibility to teach truth backed by hard facts please does not involve innocent children in political markets in the school in the city of san francisco and the state of california the students in the freedom city san francisco thank you. >> hi good evening and i strongly oppose to this issue about the comfort women including the textbooks the facts should are taught in history that comfort women issue
6:14 am
it highly disputed topic between japan and south korea and some historians deny this comfort women issue it is not japanese imperial army for example, the south korean born professor park and so far the university of california, san francisco concluded those comfort women were well paid this is not sex slaves also as you may know when south korean president park visited the united states on october 15, 2015, the haitians made a press conference in washington and they said president parks should apologize for thousands of vietnamese women raised by south
6:15 am
korean arm in the world war so those south korean soldiers are lie die hands i want to say no issues like this like die hands or the children of the raised women regarding the comfort women issue for japanese japan so the fact should be taught in history and i don't want to have a bias education for our children and i don't want to have certain propaganda from a certain countries in our children's education and learning history is to create a bright future for this country and the world let's create peace if we want to know the importance of human right this comfort women issue is not suitable if history proved this sorry this comfort women issue
6:16 am
is proof indication from certain prop enhanced it would be a shame for us to include this in our textbooks please think about the comfort women issue including in our textbooks thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you to all the speakers a special order of business, there is none tonight. and other educational issues none and consent calendar resolution, there is none tonight. and a vote on the consent calendar which is moved and seconded and ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell under consent calendar. >> with the exception of the items removed. >> severed excuse me -
6:17 am
>> so, yeah except. >> yeah. >> for one item that was removed sorry. >> k-3. >> it's still on. >> that was withdrawn i thought that was 5. >> no k. >> 3 are case 5 were removed. >> k-3 withdrawn. >> so k-3 sorry. >> dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 4 i's. >> we had calendar resolution for board discussion and immediate action there was one it is k. >> 32. >> on page 148 ms. wynns.
6:18 am
>> so i'm not exactly sure first of all, explain why the mainstreamed to reserve the k amendment for of one i have no idea it didn't seem like an adequate explanations i guess i can look at it wait a minute plateau not clear what it is doing. >> this is one - do you want me to - >> so this was a counting sort of mishap h.r. was working with a different number than the accounting officer we were working with different members had to reduce the amount we amendment is couple months ago so budget stopped us we're
6:19 am
putting that 5 hundred back. >> this is about a mistake in a previous resolution about the money only nothing else. >> okay. thank you there are some explanations here i am not in the description of what the this contract will do things that surprise me i didn't know were in there i reviewed completely my fault - honestly, i didn't going back to look at the original resolution which we passed what i - so i'm asking you can tell me now if you could send me documentation about what is in the original resolution. >> i'm double check they're changing the words. >> (multiple voices).
6:20 am
>> discuss the content but things that are extremely disturbing to me for instance, that we have agreed for our home sharing to recruit the alumni from other district you've been working on stanford and further we - i know number 3 we did objectives to some of us and talked about how that will work i want updated information professional thought. >> so ms. wynns we'll prepare a memo and clarify the changes we'll clarify those points from the first resolution just so their clear as well. >> roll call
6:21 am
ms. chin are piloting. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. wynns no and mr. haney. >> 4 i's. >> item p introduction of proposals to the committee there are 3 proposals for first reading i'm going to read all 3 and take a motion and second first board policy 1312 dot 3 uniform complaint community relations and second sp two board policy dot 7 sexual harassment and 31 dot two bullying students, the tirdz is in support of safety for all introduced by
6:22 am
commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell can i have a motion and a second? on all 3 resolution. >> those resolutions will be referred to the rules committee and introduction for immediate action and notices of suspension of board rules examining to have a first first reading for the access program to assess. >> move to suspend the rules. >> roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton's ms. wynns mr. haney 4 i's. >> can we have the rules report. >> you have to haveules report. >> you have to hales report. >> you have to havees report. >> you have to havereport.
6:23 am
>> you have to havevreport. >> you have to haoreport. >> you have to hatreport. >> you have to have votesreport. >> you have to havevoteseport. >> you have to haveport. >> you have to have 5. >> no board members can go get her. >> we might need you for one more. >> what's that. >> okay a motion and second for the formally introduction of resolution. >> so moved. >> mr. superintendent. >> thank you commissioner
6:24 am
president haney so we have present this evening supervisor of court nicole and we have bill sandy son for the name change for the academy we'll go with the lady first and mr. sandy son next. >> excuse me - i need to clarify didn't we vote on suspending the rules for the first resolution. >> great so mr. the gentleman first. >> ready good evening superintendant carranza i'm unlike a special administer i support as one of the role for the transmission and the staff and students and
6:25 am
coming today to talk about a permanent name change for one of the programs currently called community assess and transition often shoulder to cat to the program name of access with me i did bring a few of the transition students to speak on this and supported by their teachers a question if you like for me to read the resolution or some of the main points. >> let's do whereas. >> whereas so whereas there was a deserve amongst the current assess and contributions to be mower proirpt combrarnd branded and our san francisco communities whereas our counter program name which was often shortened to cat is confusing the students and families and staff and didn't
6:26 am
represent the mission whereas feedback has been gathered in district professional community meetings and other meetings foyer students and teacher of a cat program leads to lengthy explanation and there's a desire a desire been voiced so far a practice brand for the program and sfusd where's our transition programs offer assess to the communities access to work experience, and access to transportation, realization and art and learning and other plans for plans for the future rename and rebranding all the cat programs to assess would better capture the mission and activist the programs whereas as contributions programs move off to high school
6:27 am
campuses to help the adults for the access programs will focus on specific neighborhood assess in the mission, access to use of force responding and soma and, etc. that will allow the students to feel they've officially existed or exited the access logo was created in 2012 as the city classroom vision for the educators the logo is used by the largest offsite transition program as the arc and reenvision this is an image for the whole program it this 0 logo was created and can be used freely and whereas the educators the young students and stakeholder in our prirgs transition communities are in
6:28 am
favor of that that will give the identity for all transition students in stanford and who better to let you know why access is a great flame the students themselves so they can introduce themselves and give you comments what it means to them. >> hi i'm sorry benefiting the four of us are the students of access the arc program a nutrition program for people that are 18 to 22 specifically to gain definition our mode is the clamor currently a lot of the programs like ours are called cat programs the name is a good idea people named cat might think we're talking about something we're a class a school i enjoy being a student and assess it gives me a chance to learn the skills the changing of the name means a lot.
6:29 am
>> i'm tony it is awesome but it is helping new people getting work i enjoy being a student at assess and we have fun access is a good name. >> thank you. >> (laughter.) >> being called assess makes that easier for transition schools we have will have more assess to the communities being a part of access makes me feel appreciat appreciated. >> hello, i'm jessie is student in the sfusd between 18 and it 2 that are able to assess jobs and job training we assessed
6:30 am
traveling and muni we assessed the community and we assessed bring more importance independent the name makes that a lot simple thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you for coming out especially to those commissioners. >> commissioner norton. >> i'm really pleased to support in name change i'm always happy to see the student assess 42 thank you guys for coming out this program when it opened at the arc one of the students testified at the opening that it was so great to actually feel they're not in high school anymore they were high school graduates and moved on to a more adult type of
6:31 am
program instead of eating in a cafe they didn't have bells to go to class and really made them much more they're treated as grown ups and i think i'm so thrilled and happy the name change is extremely important symbolic to show respect thought students they're about adults not high school students i'm pleased to support the resolution. >> all right. >> they have the support roll call. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns especially mr. haney 4 i's. >> oh,
6:32 am
(clapping.) so the next resolution is in supportive of name change for the art and sciences for the making tier we can't take a vote for the suspension of the rules it takes 5 votes in order to do that so we'll just going to do introduce the resolution normally can i have a motion and second. >> move the resolution. >> all right. so i'm going to refer the resolution to the curriculum committee and come back here. >> board members reports reports from standing committee does someone want to step in for mr. walton for the curriculum committee. >> who would do that. >> ms. wynns. >> ms. wynns you want to give it a shot.
6:33 am
>> it it would be nice to know but there are 3 items on the agenda i we had a short not in this order first a short update on the school quality improvements index which is been standing item on the agendas of the committee and so we were able to pretty much know monthly what is happening with the development of the social emotional learning component we're interested in and also what the interaction with the state and approvals so this is all going well, i'm sure that is made available a report on all the summer learning options plenty ever thing things aligned with the school district which was very impressive that report ms. casco is that
6:34 am
available to every member of the board i combhernd were all feeling like doing a much better job of providing for students opportunities to advance their education in the summer as well as the retailers have activities and things to do and academic focus and the last item was about the map sequence we were presented with 7 options anonymously of not all recommended by the staff but a little bit of testimony but public comment i'll say from my point of view i thought that the staff is done an strooeldz amount of work i'm not sure all the members of the committee, of course, can't speak for the members of the board we'll all be as open to all the
6:35 am
recommended options i felt the staff was bend over backwards to provide a lot of option for the parents and students way more than i thought we'll be capable of offering and interested in the bill people are continuing of all the ideas that people have i do think the good news the staff has done a very, very good job of addressing the concerns raise by parents of the transition to the new mathematics sequence i think ms. norton do you want to add to that. >> thank you. >> just winging it. >> so (multiple voices). >> exciting when i was chair too report from the committee as a
6:36 am
whole very two informational items the first an overview the stanford university at the partnering we leader about the ways use of force is collaboratively with the university and the efforts are moving forward as our goals as a district the other item the general holiday international merger of xhaeveng we're happy and excited to see the credible forevers of community and schools coming together for the public to know that the two schools merging and will be all part of john o'connor beginning negotiation and just an incredibly successful share of vision and purpose and a lot of positive energy and optimism about the
6:37 am
future of john o'connor in our view representative of vision 2025 and its future of public education in san francisco unidentified is happening if you're lucky to attend there we're really excited about what is happening at o colonel and only defamates budget services ms. norton. >> the budget and services committee met last wednesday one action item that was the physical ed pending before the board because the staff analysis went deep into the go t c resolution and didn't cover some of the budgeted potential budget impacts of the other exceptions and proposals in related to
6:38 am
physical ed in the proposal we decided not to hear that and bring that back to the budget committee for the may 4th meeting with a flushed out analysis of the entire resolution so we'll be at this point hearing that again on may '34 in addition, we had the department budget review for the special ed department an informational item it is very interesting i commend the staff for the presentation i felt like even though i pride myself on knowing that department i learned thing that are helpful think as come as a surprise to noun of us we have challenges with the special ed budget we're not funded to do proirpt for students have issues with turnover and recruiting teachers because this is a high need area
6:39 am
currently one and 68 vacancies in the department that is very, very challenging it is a parental recruitment challenge in addition to the budgets is up to one and $35 million with a 7 is million dollars contribution in the general fund we have unmay be seated budget needs not identified totally over $13 million so this is a very, very a required set of services for our students we think we have a great report that i think the staff is working hard in doing a lot of great stuff but it is just a budget challenge we went over the budget timeline i think you heard probably
6:40 am
before i got to the meeting tonight that we will be - the esl task force is reporting i think their findings this week on thursday and the pack will be reporting they're the issues ever their esl work on may 18th as budget department that's it that was the budget our next regularly scheduled meeting will be my figuring out. >> reports from other board members. >> if i may i want to make a point specifically of telling people the rules committee will meet an april 21st not a regular meeting so, please everybody come to that meeting that will be 6 clock here i don't know if you're lobbyists will be here this is going to be one of the
6:41 am
things we take positions on a number of legislative proposals so hopefully, you'll have gotten the bill list previously from the last meeting are the one previously before that did they all get it we'll make sure you get another copy ask mr. davis tells us what positions your interesting in and please come to the meeting and the public as well. >> this is the 21st. >> superintendent carranza and yes, thank you commissioner president haney just one addition to the conversation around mask and is mask frequently we have two national kwefrjz one in oakland today a national counselor of supervisors of maebtd mathematics and the national council of teachers both of the
6:42 am
conferences san francisco unified is strongly represented i have to tell you i had the honor ever sitting in a presentation presentation and being part of presentation on math subsequence and the mathematics and have to say this sounds like we're blowing our horns but people are blown away by the presentation and mr. ryan and ms. barns are inundated with the sharing of our resources the board policies we have and the implementation and people were extremely impressed with over three hundred teachers holdings that krirment kudos to the department by our leaders dr. stevens and it is gaining national attendance and sometimes, we may find ourselves
6:43 am
imborrowed in the day to day discussions and all the details i want you to know at the national level people are rejecting e reilly looking for us to lead including kudos to all the staff. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i wanted to thank over at uc berkley they hosted the 31st empowering women of color and it was a great showing of young women throughout the bay area and our students were there and it was a presentation that was done very combref by one of the teachers from katie was really proud and exist to see everyone there. >> and i wanted to remind everyone the grand slam fruits
6:44 am
and vegetables for the 21st key poetry is this saturday at 6 o'clock and the symphony hall join them an amazing events and the winners go to the finals i think if chicago this year i can't remember that's all other reports. >> wanted to make an announcement of our a hock on student assignment will be meeting next monday april 18th and no other informational items there is no memorial adjournment tonight we have a closed session report of closed session action items from the special meeting of april 5th the board by a vote
6:45 am
dr. murase and approved the principles by a boards of 6 with absent dr. murase with the principle the board by a vote of 6 no dr. murase and one agreement with one teacher and the manner of b q with the sfusd for the cases the board by a vet of 6 i's one absent grumbling u dr. murase gives the authority to the board to pay up to the suspected amount and the next the board by a vote of 6 i's one observe brooming upcoming dr. murase to pay up to the suspected amount this meeting is adjourned
6:46 am
6:47 am
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6:59 am
>> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪ >> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to
7:00 am
communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your home is uninhab hitable. >> how long do you think that it will be before things are restored to normal in san francisco. >> it depends on the severity of the earthquake, we say to provide for 72 hours tha, is three days, and it helps to know that you might be without services for up to a week or more, depending on how heavy the shaking is and how many after shocks we have. >> what kind of neighborhood and community involvement might you want to have before an earthquake to make sure that you are going to able to have the support that you need. >> it is important to have a good relationship with your neighbors and your community. go to those community events, shop at local businesses, have
7:01 am
a reciprocal relationship with them so that you know how to take care of yourself and who you can rely on and who can take care of you. it is important to have a battery-operated radio in your home so that you can keep track of what is happening in the community around and how you can communicate with other people. >> one of the things that seems important is to have access to your important documents. >> yes, it is important to have copies of those and also stored them remotely. so a title to a home, a passport, a driver's license, any type of medical records that you need need, back those up or put them on a remote drive or store them on the cloud, the same is true with any vital information on your computer. back that up and have that on a cloud in case your hard drive does not work any more. >> in your home you should be prepared as well. >> absolutely. >> let's take a look at the kinds of things that you might want to have in your home. >> we have no water, what are
7:02 am
we going to do about water? >> it is important for have extra water in your house, you want to have bottled water or a five gallon container of water able to use on a regular basis, both for bathing and cooking as well as for drinking. >> we have this big container and also in people's homes they have a hot water heater. >> absolutely, if you clean your hot water heater out regularly you can use that for showering, drinking and bathing as well >> what other things do people need to have aren't their home. >> it is important to have extra every day items buy a couple extra cans of can food that you can eat without any preparation. >> here is a giant can of green giant canned corn. and this, a manual can opener, your electric can opener will not be working not only to have one but to know where to find it in your kitchen. >> yes. >> so in addition to canned goods, we are going to have fresh food and you have to
7:03 am
preserve that and i know that we have an ice chest. >> having an ice chest on hand is really important because your refrigerator will not be working right away. it is important to have somebody else that can store cold foods so something that you might be able to take with you if you have to leave your home. >> and here, this is my very own personal emergency supply box for my house. >> i hope that you have an alternative one at home. >> oh, i forgot. >> and in this is really important, you should have flashlights that have batteries, fresh batteries or hand crank flashlight. >> i have them right here. >> good. excellent. that is great. additionally, you are going to want to have candles a whistle, possibly a compass as well. markers if you want to label things if you need to, to people that you are safe in your home or that you have left your home. >> i am okay and i will meet you at...
7:04 am
>> exactly. exactly. water proof matches are a great thing to have as well. >> we have matches here. and my spare glasses. >> and your spare glasses. >> if you have medication, you should keep it with you or have access to it. if it needs to be refrigerated make sure that it is in your ice box. >> inside, just to point out for you, we have spare batteries. >> very important. >> we have a little first aid kit. >> and lots of different kinds of batteries. and another spare flashlight. >> so, alicia what else can we do to prepare our homes for an earthquake so we don't have damage? >> one of the most important things that you can do is to secure your valuable and breakable items. make sure that your tv is strapped down to your entertainment cabinet or wall so it does not move. also important is to make sure that your book case is secure to the wall so that it does not fall over and your valuable and breakables do not break on the ground.
7:05 am
becoming prepared is not that difficult. taking care of your home, making sure that you have a few extra every-day items on hand helps to make the difference. >> that contributes dramatically to the way that the city as a whole can recover. >> absolutely. >> if you are able to control your own environment and house and recovery and your neighbors are doing the same the city as a whole will be a more resilient city. >> we are all proud of living in san francisco and being prepared helps us stay here. >> so, thank you so much for joining us today, alicia, i appreciate it. >> absolutely, it is my pleasure. >> and thank you for joining us on another edition of building (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or
7:06 am
shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be
7:07 am
interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san
7:08 am
francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular
7:09 am
work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any
7:10 am
given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use
7:11 am
those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky. you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do
7:12 am
>> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪of the san francisco commission on community investment and infrastuck khur successor agency will come to order. er >> the first order of business is item 1, roll call. commission members, please respond when i call your name. commissioner pin men tell is absent. commissioner bustos? >> here. >> commissioner singh? >> here. >> vice chair mondejar? >> yes, here.
7:13 am
>> madam chair rosales. >> commissioner pimentel is absent and all other members of the commission are present. the next order of business is item 2, announcements. a, the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on april 19, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. at city hall, room 416. b, announcements of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices during the meeting. please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing of or use of cell phones, pagers or other similarity sound producing electronic devices. c, announcement of time allotment for public comment. please be advised a member of the public has up to 3 minutes to make pertinent
7:14 am
public comments on each agenda item unless the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit that completed card to the commission's secretary. the next order of business is item 3, reports on actions taken at a previously closed session meeting, if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item 4, matters of unfinished business. there are no matters of unfinished business. the next order of business is item 5, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. first the consent agenda, 5a, approval of minutes for the meeting of december 19, 2015 and january 19, 2016. madam chair? >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards for the consent agenda?
7:15 am
>> are there any speaker cards for item 5a? there is not, madam chair. >> okay. commissioners, do we have comments, edits? >> i'll move. >> second. . er there's been a motion by commissioner bustos and a second by vice chair mondejar, but before we take a vote, i just wanted to note that -- and i can't -- there's a reference to cnv in i think the minutes of january 19th, i don't have it in front of me right now, it should read cm as in monitoring, v. >> i'll do that, thank you. >> so, with those edits, can you please call the roll. >> commission members, please announce your vote when i call your name. commissioner pin teleis absent, commissioner mondejar? >> yes. >> commissioner singh?
7:16 am
>> yes. >> commissioner bustos? >> yes. >> madam chair rosales. >> yes. >> madam chair, i have one absent and four ayes. >> okay, the consent agenda is adopted. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is regular agenda, 5b, conditionally approving the major phase, combined basic concept and schematic design and design for development variances for a commercial project on block 26, parcel 1, and block 27, parcel 1, at 1455 and 1555 third street that is within the scope of the mission bay redevelopment project approved under the mission bay final subsequent environmental impact report, fseir, a program eir, and is adequately described in the fseir for purposes of the california environmental quality act. mission bay south
7:17 am
redevelopment project area, discussion and action, resolution number 17-2016. madam director? >> thank you, madam secretary, good afternoon to the commissioners and thank you so much to the public for joining us. commissioners, before you is a design approval for an office project, in fact, the last design approval for an office project in mission bay, it's sponsored by alexandria real estate and uber, you'll see as part of the staff presentation, it unbacker includes ground floor retail and what i believe is the first on-site child care in mission bay or in the city to inmrement that planning code requirement incorporated as part of the redevelopment plan, so we're pleased to bring that before you, that will involve a secondary use finding as you saw for other actions, should the commission adopt the related design approvals before you. michelle da guzman who is a development specialist will be walking through the presentation for you and
7:18 am
this is her first presentation before the commission. welcome. >> welcome *. >> thank you, director, good afternoon, chair rosales and commissioners, i am michelle deguzman and a specialist for [inaudible] bay, this is a major phase is a basic concept skem malt i can design, block 26, parcel 1 and block 27, parcel 1, the application includes two [inaudible] for mission bay design for development. i will start by providing an overview of the site in the adjacent areas, provide a summary of the relevant approvals as well as the 2016 major phase, i will then introduce [inaudible] from alexandria representing the project sponsor and the developers team will present an overview of the project design. i will return to review the requested variance, discuss the child care in the
7:19 am
project, the cac review, the contracting and workforce goal and is the next steps moving forward. this is a location map for the site, as you can see, it is in the southeastern portion of the -- of mission bay south and a little closer, this aerial map, you can see that immediately to the south is the golden state warriors event center and approximately one block to the north is the mission bay commons open space. to the -- it is serviced directly by the t stops that run along there, the ucsf mission bay stops. the amenities are -- there's several amenities in mission bay as this is a mature redevelopment district and so there's a great deal of services, both public and
7:20 am
private, public safety, that is hard to read, but it was difficult to get them all on the map because there's such a rich variety of service that is are available, but a lot of shopping and dining options and we feel this set of amenities will serve the future development well. in terms of prior approvals, prior approvals, in 2000, alexandria had approved a major phase and they were associated bcfd approvals for block 26-28 that this project sits on, as a result of these approvals, four buildings were built, and more importantly, the infrastructure to service all of blocks 26 and 27 was approved, constructed and is either pending or accepted by the city. this includes the current site which is not yet developed but the infrastructure is already available to serve it. in 2011, a major phase was
7:21 am
approved for the mos that are subject to this approval, block 26, parcel 1, block 27, parcel 1, as well as blocks 29-34, this was approved for sale for a future campus. no approvals, no buildings, excuse me, were built as a result of this approval, however, this major phase sur planted all the prior major phases that had occurred prior to it, however, as a result of this major phase, the approval that is are associated with blocks 26 and 27, parcel 1, were changed from the original alexandria. currently, the project sponsor has submitted a new major phase as well as a basic concept schematic design application. this new major phase will bring the approvals for the site within the framework that is available under the
7:22 am
plan and reflects more accurately the proposal put forth by the developer. if this is approved by the commission, this submittal will submit sur plants the prior major phase that was previously approved under the sales force proposal. staff has reviewed the major phase proposal and it is consistent with the south plan, it is within the limitations on the size, height and building type that is described in the south plan and is noted before, no additional infrastructure can needed to be built or developed in order to [inaudible] the staff review is primarily focused on the design and modest program changes. with that, i would like to introduce tritsia from alexandria who will introduce the project design as well as introduce the design team. >> thank you, michelle.
7:23 am
madam chair, commissioners, it's a pleasure to be here again with you today. as you know, we have been working at alexandria for quite some time at mission bay building out the commercial space around the ucsf campus, since that time, we are now seeing the end of the build-out of this community and we're very excited to bring this project to you because we see it as the keystone piece that will finish out that section of third street. we're delighted to bring this project, it's a two building commercial office complex that will house corporate headquarters for our joint venture partner, uber technology, representing uber is adoni, head of global workplace, we have put together a fantastic design team and you will get to see the presentation shortly.
7:24 am
it's composed after a mix of well known international architectural firm in partnership with san francisco based consultants, and we are pleased to say that we have exceeded the small business goals of the mission bay plan. what i would like to do now if you will allow me, i will call out the names of the representatives of some of our team, the entire team was too large to be here today, but those who are here, i would like to introduce, casada architecture is the architect of record, so we have fred casada here, thank you very much, and we have our architect design architect is shop architecture, there's a number of them and you'll hear from them later, if they would all stand up now. thank you. we have sally swanson of sally swanson ada consultants, and you can stand up behind me, chris
7:25 am
papadamas of acoustical consultant, [inaudible] civil engineers, just mad dix, the fire consultants, chris fortagegvk elevator consultants, just [inaudible] surface design landscape architect, dave kelti, top flight specific case, bellow and associates, structural engineers, randy myers, myers electrical engineering, sarah george, ans plumbing, engineering, key anderson, nateo lighting consult tanlt, patty boas, ginsburg kir sh ner child care consult tansies, so as you can see, we have a broad based team. we are very excited, this project is going to be fantastic addition to third street. we now have our design lead oma toravaka who will do a presentation of the project
7:26 am
and we'll be here again to answer any questions you may have. >> good afternoon, madam commissioner -- sorry, madam chair, commissioners, directors, thank you for the opportunity to present our project here this afternoon. i would like to begin by talking a little bit about shop architect, we're a firm that's based in new york, it's a firm of 170 people and we're very much interested in traditional materials and new technology combined to create great performing buildings, in our minds, an application of these materials are not just tacked on, they have something to say they have something to do in the functions of the building, so whether it's our super tall towers in new york city or solar collector facade you see in the middle or marl berry which is a brick cladding on an apartment building, we're interested
7:27 am
in what the materials say about the place but also how they help the building perform better. in san francisco, it's a great pleasure to work on uber's headquarters, this used to be my home, i lived here for a couple of years and learned to celebrate the city. i think of san francisco as this balance between nature and the built environment. as you move up the street that climb the hills of san francisco, there's always a reward at the top. there's a public space, there's a vista, there's a park, something that's very unique to the city and something we wanted to celebrate and bring to mission bay in this project for uber. the concept of the building is really very much about this vertical city, and at the top, you would be rewarded with vistas of the bay, always again referring to the natural environment and the beauty of the city that surrounds us. furthermore, we were inspired by mission bay in particular, the images you see on stream
7:28 am
are specific to mission bay infrastructure, to art work, to the history of the place, the material has inspired our material selections for the building and will continue to inspire the use of public art throughout the site. as it's been noted, the location plan is really focused on the intersection of third and south street, it's a critical site for a couple of reasons, it's well served by transit but it's also an infill site that complete it is trajectory of buildings moving diagonally across the image from ucsf towards the residential neighborhood at the top of the slide. as this site becomes part of the integral fabric of mission bay, we see it as becoming a critical neighborhood in the neighborhood, in large part because of its presence at the transit stop which can be seen best in this image, this is the intersection of third
7:29 am
and south street. we're looking at the corner of the lower building which is six storeys and the further build, the tower just across peer point lane is 11 storeys, the buildings work together, they're speaking to each other but they're also connected, they're connected visually and physically, but most importantly, they're connected to the neighborhood beyond it by virtue of scale and interest and by virtue of how we treated the ground playing, we intended to make this a great building for mission bay and a great san francisco street. the building really grows out of a mixed mode ecology, now, that's a unique story to most office buildings, this will be one of the first mixed mode buildings in san francisco and what that means is that we're meeting title 24 mandates in a very creative way, not to security the issue but to reduce energy consumption, the way in which we're doing that is by designing a front porch
7:30 am
if you will into the building. that front porch is naturally ventilated, it doesn't require air conditioning, the windows will open to let natural air in on days when the weather allows it. so, what you see here is a series of meeting spaces, vertical circulation through the building, there's a stare that connects all of the floors and most people arriving at the building will have the option to take the stairs rather than the elevator. this interior image of the mixed mode space, the front porch if you will, shows the windows open, they won't be open with manual cranks or with people operating them, instead they'll be operating on a bms which is the building management system, that operated system -- sorry, that automatic system is very much similar to the hatches at the california academy of sciences. they open naturally when the building needs to breathe,
7:31 am
when it needs to exhale and let the hot air out and when it needs to bring fresh air in. in addition to the performance of that space, you'll see a lot of materiality, warm materiality, but now i'll describe the site plan pronely, there's key element ins the site plan that we've worked hard with planning and with ocii staff to get right. these are the elements that are going to bring to life the city block that are going the bring to life third street and south street and also activate peer point land. in particular, we're interested in talking about retail. the sidewalk activation really has to do with the uses that we're putting just beyond the sidewalk. there are three components of retail, color coded in yellow, one of them is strategically located at the corner of 16th and south, the other is just a few feet to the north at the mid block and the last one is at the northern corner of the development.
7:32 am
in a strategic location because of its add jays sense si to a courtyard, a publicly accessible courtyard that will be completed to add jays sense si to the building right next door. in addition, you'll see in pink is the color coding that's denoting the child care facility. the dedicated child care facility also has dedicated parking within the parking garage and all of the parking is accessible along peer point lane rather than having to cross the street and go into traffic conditions. finally, you'll see that there's dedicated outdoor space that's adjacent to the child care facility that's just above the pink rectangle in the image, and in addition, there are two service and garbage collection points in the case of the northern building that will be shared with the neighbor, in the case of the southern building, the access will be along south street
7:33 am
just east of the corner of third street removed from the main intersection. one of the very unique aspects of this project is the provision of child care. it is the only commercial property in mission bay that delivers child care korkt section 414 of the planning code, rather than paying the fee. uber's very much committed to build thing child care and making it permanently accessible to members to have community, it will serve 59 children. access is convenient and safe through the dedicated parking that's located in the garage, there will be no cars [inaudible] or third street parked or blocking traffic because they have dedicated 15-20 minute wait, you know, 15-20 minute parking spots so that parents can pick up and drop off children. so, since the beginning of the design, we've always intended to generate a
7:34 am
district here that has a great sense of place in arao*ufl, the image you see on the screen is right at the main entrance of the building at third street and south street, this is the front door, as you look up, you'll see what we call an occulus, it lets you look into the sill lair yum, the front porch of the building and see activities of people moving around. as you look down into the depth of the image, you'll see the traditional palm trees and trees that line the streets of mission bay, which we're respecting, as the guideline mandates, but you'll see a wider sidewalk. this of course requires a variance, while this street wall at the street level does set back to create a larger sidewalk than what was originally planned, we do respect the street wall with the massing above. in addition to the setback, we have what's called a wind break or an operable
7:35 am
patysing that will play a critical role in making the space ae amenable. we hope that it will become a comfortable space, it will be an extension of the retail, it will create the kind of sidewalk environment that makes it comfortable for people to have a b*efrnl or some food along the sidewalk, whether they've consumed it within the building or brought it from home. the purpose of the wind breaks is really to make the environment there more comfortable, it's well documented that third street is a wind tunnel and we've engineered these to make sure they are effective. they're also a permanent part of the build, they're meant to retract, on transit heavy occasions when the tee is off loading many people, it may be moving north along third street, the sidewalk that was originally 12 feet might not be sufficient, but these allow, the wind breaks retractable wind breaks will allow the sidewalk to be
7:36 am
larger, retracting the seating and allowing for the sidewalk to accommodate more pedestrians. in this image along third street, you'll see the building is quite die nam i believing, it's attractive not only because of the different scale of elements happening within it, you'll see the projecting white boxes which we like to call ice cubes, these are conference that will come to life at night with the silhouettes of people working within them n the foreground, you'll see a lot of warm materials, you'll see the use of wood, metal, that are colored to be light bronzes, you'll see glazing that has a permanent frit on it, it is intended for the building to look dynamic, with the light san francisco to really be a presence in the community, whether it's daytime or nighttime. it's important to note that building does give it a different character from
7:37 am
what's around it, most buildings in mission bay deal with a title 24 issue through reflectivity, they have dark glass, they have green glass, gray glass. in this case, we wanted the building to be transparent and we've dealt with the title 24 issues through the application of the frit, but also through the naturally ventilated front porch. the feelings of the sidewalk doesn't end there, as one turns on to peer point lane, this view corridor that will remain in tact also features a very dynamic overhead experience, you'll see two bridges, this is the physical connection between the buildings. they're necessitated by people moving between the buildings but also because most of the amenities, the cafeteria, the large conference rooms, the people -- the places where people will get together to collaborate are located in the lower building, that building has larger
7:38 am
footprint, it's more easily adapted to large groups and therefore the bridges would bring people across the third floor and the sixth floor connecting people back and forth. in addition to that, the buildings are really about -- the bridges are really about mission bay, they celebrate the maritime history of the neighborhoodfinger they really draw their inspiration, their esthetics, their architecture from that history and we hope to be in dialogue with that. variance number 2 is really the provision that allows for the bridges to come the life. we hope that you'll see that the impacts on the corridor are minimal, if anything, they will become an interest point along a view corridor that is typically used for service and access along other portions of mission bay. finally, i think it's important to talk about our commitment to public art. the development team anticipates an investment of
7:39 am
about 2.3 million dollars in public art. that public art can be deployed in several sites, the sidewalks are a good opportunity, peer point lane is a good opportunity, the other side of the bridges, the publicly accessible private space in the back which we are redesigning to accommodate for the outdoor space that's dedicate today the child care facility but also to make it a rich amenity for the neighborhood could also be a location for public art. and our intent is to participate to have participants in the public art program from both san francisco as well as the international [inaudible]. finally, i want to conclude by saying we're incredibly committed to delivering this beautiful project, we've been asked along the way what happens when you get to valley engineering, are all these bells and whistles going to go away, the fact is they're not, this is a very unique opportunity to bring
7:40 am
something special to mission bay and we hope that the entire team hopes that this will be a billing that all of san francisco can be proud of in the future. thank you, this concludes the presentation on design and we're happy to answer any questions you might have. >> we can't take questions by the commission at this moment. we have to wait until the entire presentation and then after public comment, but thank you, i'm sure there will be questions. >> thank you, commissioners, and thank you omar, as note ined the project sponsor's presentation, there are two
7:41 am
variances from the mission bay south, the commission may approve variance from the d for d where special conditions exist, so long as those variances are appropriate for the site and they still meet the intent and purpose of the redevelopment plan and the d for d. with respect to the first variance, street wall continuity td for d streets that street wall continuity create as rich fabric in mission bay and a building to street relationship that is common throughout san francisco to mission bay within the larger city context. again, as noted in the project sponsor's presentation, there are a series of retractable screens, those screens when fully extended will help address design concerns that are in place by pushing back that first floor, also allowing for outdoor seating and articulation and interest at the pedestrian level, this will help to maintain the building to street relationship.
7:42 am
in the event of large events that require that cause a greater level of pedestrian activity, those same screens can be retracted and while this is the exceptional case to the d for d, it allows for a more comfortable pedestrian environment to deal with these larger pedestrian crowds and also according to the wind study that is the project sponsor prepared, this also helps to ameliorate wind conditions in addition to widening the public sidewalk to allow for greater circulation. the second variance is the second variance is relate today the view corridors, again, as noted by the project sponsor, there will be two pest raoe quan bridges that cross over peer point lane and the d for d states that based on vara blocks, the view corridors preserve the orientation and visual linkages to the bay and the
7:43 am
channel providing a sense of place within mission bay as well as providing vistas to had the hills and the downtown skyline, peer point lane, although it is a private street, it is publicly accessible and provides emergency vehicle access, peer point lane preserves the vara block system, the way that the bridges are oriented, they will not change the vara block system, you will still be able to have the rhythm of development to be maintained, and as noted, there are existing views, but those are already compromised by existing structures. peer point lane looking to the east terminates in a view of a parking light in an industrial building on peer 54, those structures already obscure the view as you would be able to look toward the bay. looking the other way toward the west, the views toward the hills are obscured by the
7:44 am
existing interstate 280, so the view that remain of the san francisco hills is also limited by this existing structure and would not be impacted by the granting of the bridge variance. additionally, the bridges are set relatively high, so they would not have an impact on pedestrians within the area, they would be 44 feet above the pedestrian experience and they would only be able to see the bridges if they were relatively far back from them. as a result, staff has evaluated this and believes the bridges provide no additional detriment o the view corridor, the surrounding prints or the public welfare in the vicinity of the building sites. in general, of both of these variances, both the street continuity variance and the view corridor variance, staff has revieweded them in a whole and find they are appropriate for the site and the proposed variances will result in substantial compliance with the south plan and the d for d and are consist ten with the public health, safety and welfare of
7:45 am
the area. as noted, this project includes on-site child care, which is as director bohi noted the first time within this area and within the city that a commercial developer has opted to include on-site child care as part of their satisfaction of the city's requirement for child care, you can also pay the fee. under the plan, the project sponsor must address the child care requirement, they may do so by paying the fee or providing on-site care or providing costs to an outside provider. the project sponsor has opted to provide on-site child care which staff believes is the most desirable solution, as they will be providing this care not only to their employees but also to members of the mission bay community. this child care addresses several elements, it meets
7:46 am
the plan's requirement to satisfy the city child care requirements, additionally, there are limits on the development in the mission bay south plan in termser of square footages, a small portion of that may be excluded from that calculation if that square footage is used for specific uses. for both the child care requirement in order to meet it on-site under the city's 414, as well as the plan gross for area exclusion, that plan must meet certain exclusions, they vary slightly between the two but both of them require that there is a -- that the use must be dedicated to child care, that the provider that provides the child care is licensed, that the provider is non-profit, there can be no charge to the child care for rent or operation for their use of the space.
7:47 am
both of them require a minimum size of 3 thousand square feet, this one is just under 6 thousand square feet, there will be a notice of special restriction recorded on the property so the space cannot be used for anything other than child care for the life of the building. under the city's requirements, 10% of the maximum capacity of the child care must be made affordable to low-income families, there's an annual reporting requirement to the planning department that reports on the populations that they are serving and the capacity of the child care, rather the use of the child care. and lastly, in order -- child care is a secondary use for this particular site, and the purpose of the secondary use finding is to evaluate if the size intensity and location of child care meets the plan's criteria and that this will be generally a positive contribution to the character of the area. staff has evaluated this
7:48 am
secondary use and prepared secondary use findings for consideration by the executive director dependent on if the commission also approves this design review. this design was brought o the mission bay cac in september of 2015, generally the cac was very supportive of the design including the variances, and they were very supportive of the inclusion of the on-site child care facility. one element that they were concerned about was the possible impacts of the traffic from pickup and drop-off, so the project sponsor changed the project design to move pickup and drop-off from outside on the side streets to inside the existing parking facility, and they will dedicate a certain number of spaces during pickup and drop-off hours for parents that are
7:49 am
coming to leave or pick up their children from the child care. and this area in addition to -- will also have a notice of special restriction, this pickup and drop-off area so they will work in tandem with the child care. lastly, pursuant to the opa, which most obligations flow through to the project sponsor, the developer will comply with ocii's equal opportunity program which includes goals for construction and sub-contracting as well as prevailing wages and local workforce hiring. they will also comply with the city's first source hiring program for permanent hiring which includes having a goal of 50% of entry level positions filled by san francisco residents. additionally, not an impact on the project developer but the master developer, also under the opa must provide a contribution to first source
7:50 am
hiring with a completion of certain milestones of commercial leasable area. three 500 thousand dollar installments upon completion of 1 million, 10 million and 3 million total, leasable square feet, so far, 2 installments have been paid for a total of 1 million and this project will be within the last group of development to trigger the final payments. the developer has been working with our contract compliance division to achieve the small business goals, so far, they have achieved 67% small business participation per professional services, of those, of the contracting amounts, approximately a little less than 30% has
7:51 am
been san francisco based sbe's, 23% minority business enterprises of which 94% are san francisco based firm and is 2.4% are women business enterprises of which 88% are san francisco firms. of the top four businesses that are awarded contracts in termser of contract amount on this project, they are all san francisco firm and is they have been established in the city from 15 to over 20 years. in termser of the next steps, after the commission considers this proposal and should they -- should you choose to approve it, the secondary use findings will be considered and approved by the executive director and, again, this will be contingent upon your approval of this proposal.
7:52 am
on the 14th, the planning commission will consider the design review of this project as well, and the reasonable planning commission is doing that is pursuant to 30411 of the south redevelopment plan, the planning commission must provide design approval although they will be using the mission bay south design for development if the project contains office space due to proposition m. after that approval, then the project sponsor and ocii staff will work together to review the design development submittal, ensure that the developer is fulfilling the conditions of approval precedent to the issuance of the site permits and if that goes well, construction could commence as early as later this year. with that, staff con -- the presentation is conclude and had both staff and the project team is available for questions. >> thank you. okay, do we have any speaker cards?
7:53 am
>> i have one speaker card for corinne woods. >> anybody would like to see the model? commissioner mondejar has already gone down. >> good afternoon, director bohee, chairman rosales and commissioners, my name is corinne woods, i chair the mission bay citizen advisory committee. mission bay chc supports this project, we support all the variances. i am particularly excited about the street wall variance because i think mission bay is boring with all the streets at the same level so i think this is a great idea, i'm very excited about having on-site child care, we've been trying to get every developer in
7:54 am
mission bay to put on-site child care since the beginning of the project. with any opposition to the bridges because they're high enough so they don't impact pedestrian level views between third street and [inaudible] boulevard [inaudible] this block completed, thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other speakers that would like to come forward? >> i have no further speaker cards. >> commissioners, yes, while you're speaking, i'm going to look at -- >> i have a question regarding the sidewalk. so, is the sidewalk going to stay the same if you're walking down the street,
7:55 am
it's not going to fold out, right, is it going to stay the same? they're just asking to go in a little bit more? >> we can get the screen up again. so, the hatched areas are a retractable screen, it's -- i believe it's designed to be made out of wood, and the general condition is those screens will just be extended. they're permanently attached to the building, but the width of the sidewalk is a little hard to see in this, will generally remain the same, as you're walking by during the regular extension period, the street walk continuity will be the same. >> so, there's no like huge like bulb out on the -- >> no, no. >> so, it's consistent
7:56 am
throughout the street? >> yes, the sidewalk will remain the same relative to the building frontage, when the screens are fully extended, you would walk ask&the sidewalk would feel narrower, it would feel like the building wall was come toing the street at face, but if there is a larger event, they would be tucked in, but the edge of the face of the curb would not change and it would be continuous looking down the street. >> and this is a question for uber. would's here -- who's here from uber? thank you. so, we're hearing this is a headquarters but i was under the impression that that the head quart etcher would be moved to oakland. >> new york city we talk about the bay area being our headquarters but this building will have travis and the majority of the executive staff there. >> oakland thinks it's the headquarters? >> no, oakland -- >> i spoke to some of the oakland folks. >> because we think about talent and hiring people, we really look at the bay area
7:57 am
as our headquarters, it's not like the oakland guys aren't part of the headquarters team, but this is where travis, our ceo and the executive staff will be. >> okay. i think the design is quite lovely. >> thank you, we're proud of it. >> as everyone on the commission knows, i talk about what the wow factor is and i think this is a wow factor. i think it's quite wonderful. i really appreciate the khiel care that you are putting into the space. i know it's the first of its kind to be able to do it so it shows a commitment to the community and to -- and also to your employees, sometimes it's good to have child care on-site. we have it here at city hall for the employees so i think it was very good. with regards to the capacity and looking at, you know, i'm always trying to push for more, i think more than 10% would be great, i would love
7:58 am
15 if that is possible, if that works within your number, i would like for us to take a look at that. and the number of san francisco firms, i'm very pleased with this, i'm glad that staff has put it in the bio's in our packet because i think it's important for us to know who's getting this contract, you know, these cracks and there's a lot of wonderful san francisco talent that's here and that's been here for a long time, so our hope is they get an opportunity to bid on these projects and get them and be able to benefit from them. i think the last thing, you know, i like the way you're trying to bring in san francisco history into this project. the only request that i would have is that i would, you know, when you look at the public art, i'm sure there are wonderful artists around the world, but there are
7:59 am
incredible artists here. i think, you know, having if not all the art that you collect and put on your site, i think it would only add to the story that you're trying to tell about this building and mission bay and san francisco history, if all the art was from local san franciscans, you know, i think if you even go to pier 70 or even the other billing that we have where all the artists are in bayview, you'll find an array of artists doing different time of mediums that you may find one that suits you and you say, wow, and make a contract with them to commission something and to be able to say i think that as a san francisco company to have -- or bay area company will say, but to be able to say that all the art is from local san francisco would be
8:00 am
tremendous and i think it would be a wonderful piece to the narrative you're trying to share with the world about uber's work in partnership within the city. so, i would support this project. i think at first i was unsure about the bridge, but i think you guys have worked really hard to try to incorporate it in a way that is not as intrusive to the eye but that incorporates basically a campus style, so i have talked to you on working on this. i would move it but i don't know if -- i would move the item. >> thank you, commissioner singh? >> yes, i want to talk to mr. lee. i want to talk to you about
8:01 am
the small business, even commissioner bustos said, this is 23%, and 2.4%, where's the other [inaudible] who's going to get the other job in addition to this? >> if i can understand your question. contract compliance supervisor, of course of ocii, when you ask where the other jobs, it's within that spreadsheet in terms of the disciplines and the consultant that's been identified. >> so, maybe through the chair, if i understand commissioner singh's question, the pal lance of the small businesses, the 31.6% are small businesses, so the staff teased out on the powerpoint chart, just san francisco, but the overall number for small business enterprise participation for just this stage, professional services is 67%. the balance of that
8:02 am
remaining, that 33% are non-small businesses and i think that attachment d in your packet shows the totality of all the firms to date for professional services. >> correct. >> thank you. i think it's very colorful buildings and the child care for 59 children, and what if they need more than 59? >> lots of babies in mission bay. >> well, i believe there are limitations in termser of how much capacity they can have for the square footage relative to the number of children. >> okay. thank you. >> in termser of priorities and who's, first come, first serve, i think it's a little
8:03 am
early to understand that. >> okay, i second the motion. >> thank you. commissioner mondejar? >> yes, i have a few comments . well, first, i want to commend michelle, welcome to ocii. i love this map that you created with the amenities, it really helps me understand the community and what's around and i just know there's four coffee places, 14 food places, and two child care aside from the child care from uber, so this just helps me understand what's going on. i just don't see a pharmacy, although i'm sure kaiser and ucsf have their own pharmacies, but those are for the patients of those two health care organizations but this is wonderful to be able to see what's happening around and what we're doing
8:04 am
to support the lives, you know, the lives of those who work at mission bay and also for those who live in mission bay. so, i also, i ditto what both commissioners have said about child care, this is so much needed. i just hope that we could increase the affordable, 10% affordable, as chair rosales said, there's a lot of babies happening there, so what do we do with those kids, right. not having a place to go, or at least socialize with other kids, and i just hope that we can increase that and i know that space is very important. i have a question about the retail spaces. there's only a few, right, that is -- >> yes, commissioner, there are three spaces. >> three spaces as provided
8:05 am
and i think you indicated at our previous meeting that you don't know yet. i hope they're not coffee shops because there's already four. >> we have not done a retail programming yet, we need to work with the community at large, we'll be discussing it with staff as well, and looking at what the neighborhood already has as you see, and what it needs, and then bring a retail consultant to work with us. >> okay, yeah. and i initially also thought that the building looked plain and simple and ugly, but after looking into the types of materials, like the wood, the colors is very attractive to me, and also i like the fact that those windows open automatically, and if i heard it correctly, this is a first in san
8:06 am
francisco, this type of -- >> yes, the only comparable is the academy of sciences in golden gate park and it's those hatches. >> yes. that's very interesting to me, it adds to the character of the building and also opens up the space. >> yes. >> right, to the public, and welcoming, so with the plain boxy kind of thing, i like that and i also was interested to see the bridges, you know, the two bridges, how wide are those? i seem sure it's in the planing i just did not look at -- do you know how wide those are? >> speak into the mic.. >> it's 8 feet wide clear of the structure, we would add a foot on either side. >> so, each one of those. >> correct. >> and we've in conversation with the planning department ask with staff, we've angled
8:07 am
them so they're receiving space and have a perspective to them, they don't just look like stripes. >> i kind of like that and i almost ruined your model, i wanted to kind of have a closer look of how it actually, you know, based on the drawings, and so, yeah, i did see it, i almost destroyed your model. but that was very interesting for me. i thought that was, you know, instead of being there straightforward, so that i think was very attractive, kind of -- yeah, a new addition to the style of the building. one other thing about the child care. hang on just a minute, let me just go over -- yeah, i
8:08 am
appreciate the dedicated parking spaces that you have assigned to -- i know what it's like to be able to run in and out, drop off and pick up the kids, and i think the safety issue that you have paid attention to is very -- it's great, and thank you for thinking about that because sometimes we forget, especially on days when the area's busy like the future warriors arena that's coming up, and so it gives the kids priority and they're not stuck in the location, although i don't know about the traffic after you leave the parking space, after that, that's something that we'll have to obviously know -- we won't know until the warriors and all the buildings are done, overall, i do support this. thank you very much, and --
8:09 am
it's been seconded, so, yes. >> so, i have a few more questions. on the use of the building, i just -- i guess this is a question for uber. so, this is the administrative building, this is not where all -- i'm thinking traffic here, traffic issues, this is not where all the drivers are going to somehow show up? >> that's correct, we have separate design driver centers across the bay. this is corporate headquarters, this is engineers, finance people, h.r. teams. >> okay. alright. and i had -- this is probably more of a design question about the retractable walls, i love this concept, just reading about it and seeing it visually, but is this -- and you may have said it, is this concept anywhere else that -- in another building anywhere? >> so, it's fairly common to deal with wind breaks of some
8:10 am
sort in public plazas, typically we do it with furniture, movable furniture, vegetation, light poles, the fact that we've put these on hinges and that they're attached to the facade has more to do with the desire from staff for them to be permanent and not something that we would bolt off after the building opens so, we really think of them as an architectural feature that will always be there. >> that's nice. i don't think i've ever heard -- i understand it in interior, you know, when you want to expand a conference room and make it larger or smaller, i can see that, but i guess i've never experienced it so i look forward to seeing it when it's done, and the bridges, i think the bridges are a wonderful idea. it just adds i think a visual -- i don't know if they're going to be permanently lit at light, if you can see them, so i can see that on the -- yeah, just the kind
8:11 am
of impression. >> we're starting to strike a balance between a minimal look during the day and also at night just be conscious of safety and regulations. >> that's great. and i would agree with the comment that somebody else said it so i can just agree that most of the design in mission bay has not come before us but tended to be on the boring side. i think this does qualify for commissioner bustos' wow factor, so i really like the design, i'm very impressed by it. so, thank you. >> thank you. >> i have just one other kind of more administrative question, and that's on the first source hiring program, and the developer contribution hiring fund, i don't know that i've ever seen this before.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
commissioner mondejar? sorry, commissioner singh? >> how many people will be working on the composition of the building? >> we'll have 3 thousand to 3500 people working at this site. >> and i see you have proposed parking for 411. >> yes, sir. >> who's this parking for? >> it will be for employees. uber employees >> >> okay, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> you're not taking uber? [laughter]. >> i just have one more comment on the art. i want to ditto commissioner bustos' about the art, and i know that uber is i guess a worldwide company now and you probably would like to have
8:16 am
world kind of art, but just like what he said, it will be great if we utilized more san francisco artists who may have some global designs to show, so just a suggestion, after all, this is san francisco, it would be great to say this is the first time we have an all san francisco artists utilized all san francisco artists so i wanted to ditto what commissioner bustos said, thank you. >> and i just have one question for staff because i can't keep all this in my head, but playgrounds in mission bay because i know we have open space, but the kids got to get out of the child care center and go somewhere. >> hildi meyer, interim project manager, let me go back to the initial -- it's
8:17 am
probably easiest to see -- so, that shows the existing open space or the existing and planned open space, in terms of child playgrounds, meaning that there's actually structure and is play facilities, it would be what's known as park p6, the children's playground which has completed construction and we're working to get that open which is up north, it's the triangular park up towards mission creek. that is all in terms of dedicated, the other space is the infrastructure plan for mission bay actually called out open space, public open space as flexible multiuse activity spaces, so we don't have a lot of use specific spaces, the piece of p9 which is the planned park that's
8:18 am
adjacent to the school site is planned as a playing field, so that is planned as facilitating something like soccer, baseball, something where you need a large field to play an organized-type sport, so that will be [inaudible] so that is what's there. >> what's also built through the chair as you know, there's a beach volleyball courts near the puc pump station, the boat launch, the kayaking facility, the tennis courts, the dedicated dog run, even in mariposa park, there's some child friendly play facilities at the base of [inaudible] should open this spring, both the children's play park, so each park has some element of programmed and open play. >> okay, good. great. >> maybe it's a different
8:19 am
map. >> okay, so let's see, commissioner bustos made a motion and i believe it was seconded by commissioner singh. yes, okay. it's been moved and sueded, call the roll? >> commission member, please announce your vote when i call your name, commissioner pin teleis absent, commissioner bustos? >> yes. >> commissioner singh? >> yes. >> vice chair mondejar? >> yes. >> madam chair rosales? >> yes. >> madam chair, i have one absent and four ayes. >> the item passes. thank you. thank you, everyone. okay, can you please call the next item. >> the next order of business is -- >> wait a little bit because they need to take the materials. >> a shift change. >> yes.
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> do we have everyone? nope.
8:22 am
>> i think we're ready to start. can you please call item 5c. we're back. >> thank you, madam chair, the next order of business is regular agenda 5c, workshop on ocii's fiscal year 2016-17 budget, hunters point shipyard/candlestick point, mission bay and transbay projects including affordable housing, discussion, madam director? >> thank you, madam secretary, commissioners, this is the first workshop on your bijt for this upcoming
8:23 am
fiscal year, you will have two workshops and then we'll present for your action and consideration the first meeting in may. the total budget, we're breaking up the budget into two parts for these workshops, one focusing on the programmatic components for the so-called major approved development project, hunters point shipyard, candlestick, mission bay, transbay and a key component of that is our "affordable housing project so we'll cover that as well as this budget discussion, and the balanceendings everything else, administration, the broad scope of work, you still have remaining as part of your [inaudible] district, fill mer, all the other significant assets including the administrative budget plus debt service will cover and we'll wrap it up and incorporate any final changes for your consideration beginning of may. [inaudible] our deputy director of finance will
8:24 am
kick it off and she'll be joined by program management and they will proent highlights for the year as well as the work ahead for the work program. with that, braoe will talk about the structure and kick it off fm >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is braoe and, i'm the deputy of director of finance, i'll present to you our first budget workshop, that we'll be covering areas of hunters point shipyard, candlestick point, mission bay and transbay, just to review the process, this year as last year, we will have our presentation odd on the major project air ys, in our following commission meeting, we will be talking about our administrative or operating budget as well as our debt service budget and all of the expenditures that happen outside our major approved areas, so that would be what
8:25 am
we commonly refer to as asset management and that would cover [inaudible] the western addition, soma -- and soma. following your review, we'll see you again in early may where we'll incorporate your feedback and present to you the final budget as a whole so you can see it in its wholistic totality, and following and pending your approval, we will submit to the mayor's office for review and then following mayor's office review, we'll our first budget hearing on june 8th. so, today's stars of the show are our illustrious and hardworking project managers, so times and grew is going to talk about the shipyard. >> thank you, braoe, and good afternoon, commissioners,
8:26 am
tamson drew for the shipyard and candlestick, in overview of hipsters point shipyard and candlestick, these are gored by two redevelopment plans which were adopted and amended in 2010, those were the hunters point shipyard redevelopment as well as the candlestick point, the project in its entirety anticipates over 12 thousand unit of housing, almost one-third of which will be affordable, which includes the rebuilding of alice griffith public housing, consistent with the city's hope sf principles, it also incorporates 3 million square feet of office space and almost 900 thousand square feet of regional and neighborhood retail in addition to the 325 acres of parks and open space which incorporates the improvement tos the existing candlestick point state recreation area on candlestick.
8:27 am
accomplishments for fiscal year 15-16, the kind of large bullets here is that all major phase approvals have been granted by this commission for phase 1 of hunters point shipyard with the exception of block 1 and of course our ocii project areas, so that means that currently a are under construction or being completed including the construction completion for block 50, 51, and before the end of the year or end of the fiscal year, block 49, 53 and 54. almost all of the remaining blocks are about to be or will be under construction, so that includes 56, 57, and 55 which have active site permits, and of course this commission saw over the course of the last year, the major phase and schematic design approvals for the
8:28 am
blocks of development on the hillside, which is known as block 48. in addition to that this year, we are nearing completion of the hill top parks, including inzanies court park, hill point park, and that includes the installation of our public art program, all 9 pieces have been installed and we are completing that by installing the plaques of art work and in addition, items on this slide relating to the phase 2 of development include the first -- excuse me, the amendment of the major phase application for candlestick point which includes 2200 units of housing, 42% of which will be available at below market rates, again, that first major phase of candlestick does include the billing of the alice griffin which is
8:29 am
well under way, nr the last fiscal year, we completed the first transfer of property fra if united states navy to our office in over a decade with the france fer of parcels u c-1, u c-2 and d2. with that, we've got a lot of work to come in the year ahead, and that includes the review and approvals of both design plans and vertical development including just as we just completed for candlestick, the major phase approval, we will be receiving and seeking approval from the commission of the first major phase development on hunters point shipyard phase 2 next year. we will also be continuing the conversation about what the development on candlestick will look like with the schematic design presentation and approval for candlestick center t retail center on candlestick and its associated housing units, and then across the street from
8:30 am
that retail center will be 8 development mos of mixed use and housing, some of which will also be coming to you in the upcoming fiscal year. we will also continue to do our site assembly work including conveyances from the navy parcels b1, g and ir718 will be coming, those compromise 75 acres of property to be transfer framed the navy to ocii and in addition, we'll be working on transfers from state parks under our state parks land transfer agreement under which 14 acres on candlestick will be coming to ocii. we will of course continue to both monitor in our urban compliance with our community benefits program as well as continue to implement ocii's obligations as to those community benefits in regards to ocii's actions, we will be bringing to you this summer
8:31 am
the adoption of the legacy foundation strategic plan for which makes recommendation tos this commission as to the expenditures of community benefits funds which we've received as of the approval of the first major phase on candlestick point and we will be continuing to oversee the development of the shipyard art complex so the completion of the commercial kitchen on sxao*it the beginning of construction of the new artist billing and relocation of the artists at the shipyard. we are also working on workforce compliance, both on the construction side and small business side which you're very familiar with, but we have also started working closely with our colleagues at oewd to develop a end jobs program, so it will be available to the resident of the bayview hunters point, we'll be coordinating transportation
8:32 am
efforts, those include continuing the design of the bus rapid transit system which will be part of this first major phase of development at candlestick, as well as working on interim transportation improvements and then the final bus rapid transit system. we will continue our management of grants, we currently have two active grants, one from cal reuse which provides for the remediation of lead and asbestos of the existing former naval buildings out in the court yachted and establishing grant from the redevelopment administration which will provide capital improvements to building 101, that's the build hating will be retained for artist studio ins the shipyard and we have property management and interim use requirement, both developing maintenance and operation programs for our parks and open space, as well as managing existing tenants on the shipyard, most
8:33 am
notably the san francisco police department's operations out at building 106 out at the shipyard and last but not least is implementing our affordable housing program, as you know, the alice griffith project is under way and is on schedule, you'll remember that project was very schedule sensitive given the 30 million dollars in grants we had from hud and we are on target to meet those tco dates this fall with folks moving into the first two buildings of the alice griffith rebuild and construction just recently started on that third phase of alice griffith, we also as you know released the rfp on candlestick part, 10a and 11a which will accommodate 92 units and this fall r we're looking for redevelopment activities on the hill topfinger lot 54 which will accommodate up to 40 units.
8:34 am
in term of the proposed budget for hunters point and can l stick point, our services are primarily developer reimbursement at this stage in the development project. the new proceeds you see there for 80 million dollars are primarily for housing related activities, ask then again developer payments pay for the majority of the -- the majority of the work that we undertake, rent revenues are for the artist build chastising are on the shipyard as well as building 606 which i mentioned and this u.s. navy cooperative agreement payment is for security and insurance on the shipyard. the fund balance for non-housing at $13 million, part of that of course are the community benefits funds which we're holding and we'll be working to expend as part
8:35 am
of our implementation of the community benefits program this fall. in terms of uses, of course we start with our staff in operating expenses and then move down to legal services, with primarily use the city attorney for legal services but you also have outside counsel for special services to be provided. planning and infrastructure review, those include our work with the planning department for ceqa review as well as the infrastructure task force and hawk engineering for review of planning and infrastructure development on candlestick and the shipyard. skipping down to workforce development service, those are funds that include our work with oewd to implement their programs around city build as well as this end use program that i mentioned at the beginning of my remarks, other professional services is the line which has seen
8:36 am
the most increase from year to year. that is because we are seeking part of our obligation under the dda is to help assist the developer in seeking alternative sources of financing for the project, one way in which we're doing that is investigating the tifia program, if we were to pursue that, we would need to provide some additional funds for those professional services to apply for and receive the tifia loan. grants to community based organizations, again, is the immrem taix of our community benefits program for phase 1 and phase 2 of the shipyard, and then payments to other public agencies include our payments to the u.s. navy as well as state parks for their work associated with the project. so, with that, i will be available for questions but
8:37 am
we'll be passing the baton to mission bay project manager, hildi [inaudible]. >> good afternoon, executive director bohee, chair rosales and commissioners, i'm hildi miles, i've been filling in if r the interim for the project manager, but i wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of the mission bay team, mark fluxkin who joins us as the new mission bay manager, he just started on monday, so i'm not going the make him present the budget. but he will be carrying forward the work plan in the coming year, so welcome, mark. >> welcome, mark. >> and i'm walk you through this. so, as you see here, since
8:38 am
1998 when the mission bay north and south plans were adopted, as you can see the project area has been transformed dramatically from the railyard that it was thanks to the hardworking partnership between ocii and the master developer and the various city departments that we work with and the third party developers. in terms of overview of the program for mission bay, the two redevelopment plans include a comprehensive development program of approximately 6400 residential units including 29% affordable, 4 million square feet of office and biotech and r and d space, the ucsf research campus, a 250 room hotel, neighborhood serving retail and community amenities such as the public school, the fire and police
8:39 am
station and headquarters which is now completed and the library in mission bay, and 49 acres of public parks including 7 acres within the uc campus and 41 within mission bay north and south. in termser of fiscal year 15-16 accomplishments, we've been pushing ahead with affordable housing, this year saw the completion of family house, which is the 80 extended stay units sponsored by uc and family house organization for families with children that are receiving care at ucsf, construction is well understood way for block 7 west which is the 200 unit affordable family rental units, and block n4p3 in mission bay north which is 129 units sponsored by integral which includes 26 cyans are affordable and 90%ami, there's another 350 affordable unit that is are
8:40 am
in the pipeline on blocks 3 east, 6 east and 6 west and i'll talk more thabt, in termser of redevelopment and design, we have approximately 900 thousand square feet of office space under construction are completed including the kaiser building and [inaudible], 350 condominium units are under construction on block 1 and we're working closely with the hotel sponsor on block 1. a major achievement of the fiscal year design review and approvals of the golden gate warrior projects and we'll carry that out in the year, we also have approval 26 and 27 uber of this project. we're working closely with ucsf on their proposed office and clinical space on blocks
8:41 am
33 and 34. in terms of financing and infrastructure, we as you know have had many meetings and successfully issued bonds this year in mission bay to help finance both housing and infrastructure. and the refunding of those bonds saved over 16 million dollars which was a healthy savings. public open space, we continue to work on the design of park p22, and bay front parks 23 and 24 as well as the mission creek parks, we completed construction on the children's park on p6 and mare ra poes sa park on p26 and are working on getting those open to the public. the street improvements and various other infrastructure is well under way, completed in mission bay north and i think about 80% complete in
8:42 am
south and we'll continue to push that forward. in 16-17, we'll be continuing to deliver the pipeline as i mentioned it's about 350 units in the planning, and we're helping to complete both 7 west, the 200 units and 4p3, the 229 units this year. the public art program, we have approximately 1 million dollars in fees to program and spend in public open space and we'll be working on a program for that this year. the golden state warriors project is moving ahead with the design review and design development document and hope to start construction in the second half of the fiscal year. public open space will finish up in design of bay front parks, and the construction of park p3 which is along the creek on mission creek, and park p2, and complete
8:43 am
several other parks as well. in termser of vertical construction, we'll be finishing up block 1 and hopefully starting construction on the hotel as well as starting construction on uber's project and [inaudible] project, there's a lot of office -- >> [inaudible]. >> [laughter]. >> and then with the approval by the state of the long range property management plan, we would like to start working this year on the strategy for the future parks managementof handing off the mission bay parks system to the city and working out -- that's with the community process and process with the city to focus on how that will work. there's a big emphasis on street improvements and really finishing up -- there's several years of work to do but we want to -- looking forward to making great strides and finishing up the streets.
8:44 am
in termser of the proposed budget, the sources, primarily property tax ip cement and bond proceeds underwritten by that property tax irement, as you will see, both funding -- funding both housing and infrastructure, there's 30 million in new bond proceeds estimated in the 16-17 proposed budget, in terms of uses, there's funding for staff and operations related to staffing this effort and that's really spread across both north and south. skipping down the accounting and auditing, those line items reflect the costs of hawk and associates who perform the auditing and review and monitoring of the infrastructure cost reimbursements as we spend
8:45 am
primarily a lot of bond proceeds on those reimbursements and other professional services related to carrying out the development program. on the non-operations side, the affordable housing loans as we're pushing through about 500 unit ins the pipeline, there's obviously a lot of loan commitments this year and jeff whll be speaking more to what those entail. development infrastructure is reimbursements to the developer for carrying out infrastructure and carrying forward a fund balance on the housing and non-housing fund, so with that, i'll finish up on mission bay and turn it over to my transbay colleague, shane hart, thank you. >> chair rosales, commissioners, good afternoon, my name is shane hart, i'm the project manager for transbay.
8:46 am
beginning with an overview, the redevelopment plan was adopted in 2005, consists of 10 acres of formerly state owned parcel, we estimate about 2200 residential units will be in transbay on those parcels when complete, which about 35% will be affordable. there will be 2 million square feet of office, the transbay transit center, there will be a 5.5 acre [inaudible], four additional acres of parks within the zone a1 area and there will be neighborhood serving retail. the 15-16 accomplishments, just to give you the highlights, for block 1, we hope to bring the opdda before the commission in june, we had two land closings in this past year,
8:47 am
totaling almost 250 million dollars, that's block 5 and block 8, block 5 is currently under construction. block 6, we hope for the construction to be complete either at the end of this fiscal year or early in 16-17. we also completed the folsom off ramp. for the 16-17 work plan, again, block 1, we plan to close on that land sale and begin construction, block 5 is under construction so, we'll continue to monitor that project. with block 6, again, we hope to complete the construction either late in this fiscal year or early 16-17. then on block 7, 8 and 9, we ant pate starting construction on those in the next few months. regarding the neighborhood
8:48 am
infrastructure development, the folsom streetscape, we plan to begin construction in early 17, the underramp park will complete the design in the next fiscal year and transbay park will hope to complete the design in this next fiscal year. this is just a pretty picture of the folsom street project which again we hope to start in 2017. the underramp park we hope to begin in 2018 and transbay park, we hope to start in 2018. regarding the budget, it consist of 16.2 million dollars for the crust of the folsom streetscape project, 1.8 million for design and project management of the transbay park and 3.4 million for design of the underramp
8:49 am
park and other professional services related to transbay. the projects will be funded with existing bonds as well as bonds that will be issued in the fall of 2016 under authority of sb107 which was signed by the governor in 2015. and with that, i'll ask jeff white to come up and give an overview on housing. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, jeff white, housing program manager. so, our affordable housing obligations are focused in the three areas that you just heard all the project managers describe. we have a lot going on. so, the affordable housing
8:50 am
team, we focus in a very highlighted fashion on monitoring construction of the projects that we're funding, marketing, we approve funding and ground leases, issue rfp's to select developers, we still have a couple of projects that are not in our project areas like hunters view 2, we're monitoring construction and marketing of that project. in fiscal 15-16, we have a number of pretty -- we feel like pretty impressive highlights from the year, as you guys know, we issued our first ever annual housing production report and you'll be seeing a revised updated version of that, we hope in june, for the fiscal 15-16 year. and then i've just got some highlights, a lot of the housing has been mentioned in the project -- specific project areas, but there's
8:51 am
the -- i think we talked about this in some of our funding authorizations where the state has got a new funding -- it's the cap and trade funding source called off sic for short, affordable housing and sustainable communities, the two projects that we submitted for the -- in the first round were awarded funds tha,'s about 11 million dollars to help leverage our funds, and those were on projects in mission bay south, it was block 6 east and transbay block 7. over the yaoe, we developed enhanced early outreach and marketing protocols which we talked a lot about here with a special emphasis on outreach to certificate of preference holders. we added two new development staff to further accelerate our affordable housing production, so our staff is primarily four development specialists now, so we essentially doubled our capacity, and one of those
8:52 am
staff was promotes to a senior development specialist position. we completed and leased up 69 units at 2080 deal, you guys have seen the marketing outcomes report recently on that, and successfully housed six certificate of preference holders, we will be delivering another 179 units at dr. davis senior at 3800 third and block 39 at 350verdell, they're supposed to be getting their certificate of occupancies in april. so, for the year, for the fiscal yaoe, we would have delivered 248 units prompting for the calendar year, 700 units, so we feel really good about that production. we are continuing to monitor the construction of 106 units at hupt hunters view 2 and as [inaudible] mentioned, we got the rfp out, one rfp for two
8:53 am
projects to try to streamline and accelerate getting those units, that's one project that's 150 units, the other is 140 units, we'll be bringing that developer selection before you later in the summer. so, specific other project accomplishments, we started construction of another 121 units at alice griffith phase 3, we're monitoring the construction of 198 units at mission bay south, block 7 west, we completed design review for 142 afford units, i mentioned the off sic award for this project. we selected a developer and ena for 100 units, the veteran's project at mission bay's south block 3 east, that's chinatown housing corporation and [inaudible].
8:54 am
on transbay block 7, we revised the schematic design to increase the project level to 119 units, we committed gap funding and authorized for transbay block 8, there's going to be 149 affordable units for that project. so, highlights of our work plan for 16-17, we're going to be moving alice griffith phase 3c along, right now that's projected to be 31 units, you'll beseeing a request for predevelopment funding and apro*ufl for a schematic design, as i mentioned before, we have blocks 10a and 11a, you'll be seeing requests for exclusive negotiations agreement, and later after that predevelopment loan requests.
8:55 am
this is the recent -- sorry, soon to be completed block 49, just an image, it's a nice looking project, that's got 59 units, marketing is well under way. alice griffith one and two, those are -- this is a photograph taken by a drone and it shows construction moving along. >> not under contract? [laughter]. >> this is a rendering for alice griffith phase 3a and b and this broke ground in march and is under construction. in mission bay, for the fiscal year 16-17, a couple of highlights, we're going
8:56 am
to be completing construction of 588 mission bay boulevard north which is mission bay south, block 7 west, and then we've got -- we're going to bring to you for approval a ground lease, start construction on mission bay 6 east, that's 143 units. i mentioned the veteran's project, we are continuing predevelopment activities, we'll bring before you a gap funding request, approval of a ground lease and commence construction late in the fiscal year. and then on mission bay south 6 west, that's going to be our next rfp for mission bay, we're hope tog get that issued in the late sprij, early summer and we'll certainly get that drafted before we release it. just an image of mission
8:57 am
bay, block 6 west, the interior courtyard. and in transbay for the fiscal year 16-17, a couple of highlights, we're going to be getting under construction on transbay block 8 and we'll start the early outreach and marketing for that project, and as shane mentioned on transbay block 1, we've got the opa and dda coming your way and once the project's under construction, we'll start early outreach and marketing on that project as well. here is a rendering which you've seen before of transbay block 8, the brick colored building is the affordable housing 100% podium building, then just to the left is the shoulder building to the tower, that's also 100% affordable and then the tower includes 20%
8:58 am
inclusionary bmr's. and here's a rendering of transbay block 7 which is going to start construction. here is a summary of our -- the housing capital needs, we've got 2222 units in the pipeline and the 16-17 funding request is 97 million dollars. in addition to that robust work plan, we have inclusionary marketing obligations and a few projects that include in the shipyard phase 1, we'll be marketing 15 for sale units at blocks 56 and 57, there's the aviva project in mission
8:59 am
bay north which has got 26 units, 1450 franklin, there's 9 more sale bmr's and as you know, we'll continue to utilize the most cd housing team through the mou that we have with them for marketing. in addition as we finish our assets, we will transfer the completed assets to most cd as the housing successor. with that, i'll turn it back over to braoe. >> so, to wrap up today's discussion, i'll just preview what's coming down the pipeline for you over the next couple of week, again, your next commission hearing, i'm eel be presenting to you the administration and operation budget as well as debt service and christine may her, our director of development services will be [inaudible] the budget for asset management of our properties in the western
9:00 am
addition, soma and uba [inaudible] gardens, following your input, we'll be incorporating your feedback on a final budget on may 3, pending your approvalfinger we will submit the budget to the mayor's budget office for their review and following that review, we will have our hearing at the board of supervisors' on june 8th, so if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer them or to call upon our project area experts. >> thank you. so, we'll take public comment first. do we have speaker cards? >> i do. ( calling speaker names ). >> okay, so, wonderful presentations from all the
9:01 am
department heads. and, you know, i'm just going to be a little nostalgic and i hope you bear with me and perhaps maybe allow me another minute because i'm showing a parallel and i'm here specifically for the [inaudible] and i came here dressed, suited and booted with ties and i was meeting downstairs with someone, an [inaudible] from city hall and i get the devil get in the way, her not knowing or purposely already saying that was supposed to take place in the field tonight, anyway, wonderful presentations, the only thing i see different here as a 62 year-old young man, i've seen three generations, i'm from of course the baby boomers, i'm trying to reach out to the [inaudible] and bring somewhat of a concept that could field more because we
9:02 am
must co-exist, but they were wonderful presentations, new faces, all the same thing, i've seen this over 20 years when it comes to budget time and new faces, wonderful, i've seen that cycle over 28 years now, but i have seen it come now, the -- i was surprised to hear someone say about something about the western edition, and it made me feel good, and i'm not too impressed on you, for your partnership and i know you plan on come tog the filmore where so much is going on, i am the filmore corridor ambassador, it doesn't mean nothing, there's no value to it other than something i
9:03 am
think i can assert myself into this history that i've been living for over 30 year, the filmore corridor ambassador, so over southeast and these other communities, they're going to learn for what i'm going to package deal in the filmore and urban renewal and all these obligations and all these plansser but you look back and see what they did to the filmore, we are going to co-exist, we have to exist, but if it don't co-exist, god is stronger than all of us, it might not exist. it was god's work for all the tragedy in san francisco from the police corruption killing there and all of the disparity of what's ging -- going on here. i don't have to preach that. anyway, it was a good presentation, all of you are doing a good job, probably
9:04 am
getting paid well for it. >> mr. clyde miller. >> good evening, how are you doing, commissioners, mr. bustos, mr. singh, ms. mondejar, i probably came before you guys three, four mothers ago, speaking about an issue about the hunters yard shipyard project and i'm back here again, this is probably my third time here, and i still want to say the issue with them hasn't been settled and i'm here -- i want to make sure i understand the process here.
9:05 am
i've been working with different government agencies and special redevelopment for a long time and working with the redevelopment agency, you have a problem, you go talk to redevelopment, redevelopment would address either the crack or the developer that was working on that project, and you would work your issue out. i understand you guys took over for the redevelopment agency, so i'm seeking that kind of help from you and that's why i've been here the last few times, i'm back here again because for the last year and a half, i haven't been able to get my issue resolved and i'm really asking you guy tos help me resolve this issue. i know that the project developer and the contractor can just -- you know, not deal with me, but i'm hoping they can't do that with you guys. i need you guys to make them live up to their contract obligation and that's all
9:06 am
we're asking, in their contract, they have item 16 in their contract, they say that they are -- they have arbitration and mediation as part of thaifr contract and i showed it to you guys last time i came here and they still haven't lived up to that obligation. i'm saying that my contract, we were pushed off the project without due process, due process means that they were to do arbitration or mediation with my firm x they didn't do that so they're in breach of that contract, and you know how this works, in this business, there's [inaudible] attrition, who can last the longest and that's what they've done to me and my firm, over the last year and a half, we've been fiekt thirsting issue with them, real small contractors
9:07 am
mrao*ef ins the process, believing that the city or the county of san francisco wanted small minority business from this area to be able to succeed. that's why we became a part of this project, to show the city that we are small contractors and we can do this kind of work and we've been doing it for years. all we ask is that the developer and contractor live up to their obligation that they made to me and to you and to the city of san francisco. help to make that clear to them that they can't just do as they wish. thank you. >> thank you. >> i have no further speaker cards. >> okay. commissioners, this is a workshop, anyone wants to start off with questions? >> there's going to be -- >> there's going to be a part 2, yes, a part 2 workshop for second part of the budge and then the actual final
9:08 am
approval of the budget. no questions? >> no questions. >> okay. >> i just wanted some clarification for the hunters point shipyard on the budget, grants to community based organizations. >> yes, so the grants to community based organizations, let me get the slide so i'm seeing the right number. so, the grants to community based organizations, the 3.4 million dollars which has been allocated for fiscal year 16-17, we have been working with the legacy foundation which was an entity create ined the phase 1 and phase 2 disposition in development agreements, they allocate developer payments that have been contributed to the community and are going to be making recommendations
9:09 am
to this commission as to how those payments be expended. so, for phase 1 in the community benefits plan, linar urban has provided a million dollars in payment and is it's up to this legacy foundation to advise us on community needs and how to allocate those funds, for phase 2, there are two sources of funds which the legacy foundation helps to program and allocate, one is for scholarship fund, and as well as the will bass memorial travel scholarship, so they'll be making recommendations on how to expend those funds that have been provided based -- which were triggered by the approval of the major phase for candlestick, and in the future, the phase 2 fund will have -- will aditionally be funded by contributions by the sale of market rate
9:10 am
homes but to date, that hasn't occurred on the second phase of the project, so this is kind of an on xwo*ing process we've been work witching the legacy foundation on and we intend to bring you this strategic plan in the summer which goes over how to spend the funds that we've received to date over the course of the next 3-5 years until additional contributions are made based on the sale of market rate homes. >> thank you. >> does anybody have questions before i start with mine? okay. so, let's see. i'm going to make this easy flowing. let's start with -- and this is probably more a question for the executive director. it sounds like we're doing lots of thing, we know we're very busy, and i just want to make sure that in the next workshop and in the final budget, we have enough
9:11 am
staffing positions, either budgeted positions that are reserved, we're funding whatever increases we need and the administrative side of it because this is a lot of work, it's a huge amount of work that's been accomplish and had a huge amount of work that's on the horizon, that's just my overall administrative staffing concern, but narrowing it down, our contract compliance staff, are we still a group of two, three? >> three. >> three, okay. so, it seems to me that's probably where we're going to want to make sure we have more resources or resources there. we've already talked about our general counsel's office as a grand total of one, so hopefully we're going to be seeing more attorneys and this i know is in the second part of it.
9:12 am
and on the affordable housing side of it, where in the budget does the cop recruitment efforts, the marketing -- not the marketing so much but the survey, does that fall in each project area, was it under the generic portion of the budget? >> if braoe can answer, i'm happy to join in. >> sure, so i think your first question was about the operating budget, our operating budget for next year at a high level is going to be about 12.5 million dollars, the majority of that is allocated out to other -- to non-rptf resources, our fte count would remain the same at 46, but we are looking -- we've had some growth in our limited term
9:13 am
appointments this year which will be reviewing with we come to the commission in two weeks and limited term appointments are really -- they function as full time fte's, they are just simply not a fully budgeted position, they're for a term that is reflected in the contract with that individual employ xwraoe, intends to reflect work that kind of adds and flows with our work plan. i already have good news for you with regard to the general counsel's office. we have a new deputy general counsel who's going to start at the end of april, so we're all very excited about that. and with regard to cop, we're looking at a number of solutions right now and those range from some full time budgeted positions to -- and some professional services and we can go into that in greater detail in two weeks. >> okay. >> through chair, one
9:14 am
clarification, we also contract full time pursuant to a proposition that the voters adopted, the voters of san francisco adopted and allowed former redevelopment agency staff to in essence migrate, leave the sfra and take a city position and recognize for health care, those accruals in the city system, so our actual fte count including the administrative services is 50.6 permanent fte. >> well, we can review that. >> we could review that, we could review that. >> okay. >> and then i have just before i talk about the contracting questions, there's a reference here to 1450 franklin, is that not by [inaudible] valley? >> western edition. >> yes, western edition.
9:15 am
>> the owner participation agreement under the at redevelopment plan, litigation, we prevailed. it's an owner participation deal for a housing project. >> a western edition project, that's good. okay. so, i had some questions on contracting -- our contracting practices and perhaps mr. [inaudible] can talk about this with me. we've heard -- so, the big picture here is i've been receiving feedback from the contracting community, some of the feedback we heard algt bit today by the two speakers but i've hea other feedback that the manner in which we set our rfp's or that our developer partners shut
9:16 am
their rfp's, whether it's linar, hunters point, so it's not germane for profit or non-profit developers, and it even speaks to the way that we set some of our requirements in our rfp's is that it limits the pool of contractors to compete as the prime level that stay with us or at the prime level with these developers because the scope of the limitation is such that you essentially have to have experience, prior experience doing the kind of work we're asking for, but these small contractor would are large enough to prime it don't have that experience because they never got that experience, so it's a catch 22 situation where you can't -- you need a role in the play but you have to experience being in theatre but you can't get into the theatre, so this concept of catch 22, so i would want to ask just to
9:17 am
kind of understand this concern because we've got a couple of rfp's pending, not only for ourselves, 10a and 11a, right, and someone's already raised the concern about that scope, and then we have a couple of other that is developers are doing where the results are that small businesses, particularly minority businesses, properly minority contractors for 90124 are essentially competing and not winning, not because they're not qualified, not because they're not available, not because they're not responsive, but generally because in some cases because they don't have the experiences but in other cases because their price is allegedly too high, so i want to hear -- i mean, if you have any statistics to tell us, for instance on some of these projects, what does it look like in terms of small businesses competing at the prime level, not for our canting, because we have
9:18 am
these rfp's, let's pick hunters point, do we have any statistics that you can share with us about small businesses being selected by linar as prime contractors. >> we have some of that statistics and i've looked at some past history as well with respect to small business acting as prime contractors. there's been a joint venture as an example with the candlestick demolition, that's between a contract with a [inaudible] it's not a minority firm, they acted as a prime contractor in that instance. we've also had a grading contract with a local contractor as well acting as prime. in termser of giving you an overall statistic, i need to go back and give you the percentages, i think it's
9:19 am
what you're looking at is both the number of firms along with the percentages. i didn't have the chance to look at the contracting activity during this past roughly three months from the last report in december until roughly march of this year, and it's still a bit fluid in the sense that not all contracts, and when i say contracts, i mean sub-contracts, a little bit different and i'll just pause just a minute, a little bit different in term of the contracting with our developers as oppose today public contracting, under public contracting, bids come in and auditors identify it once, with the developers, that's often not the case, the gc's are outputting bids or requesting bids for sub trades, so sub trades come in oftentimes on a phased basis
9:20 am
or they're negotiated, so when i call about the contracting activities for these past three months, it's still a bit fluid in the sense that not all contracts have been awarded or sub-contracts have been awarded but the plans are still being negotiated. the number that is are currently anticipated as we're talking with the developers and the general contractors really stands roughly with this, you've heard about transbay block 7 as an example of going into construction soon, that -- those are contracting activities that has taken place, alice griffith block 1 is another example of it having entered into beginning stages of construction but not all trades have been bought out. but the tentative plan in termser of these past three months of these projects
9:21 am
stand at roughly [inaudible] roughly 48% is with small businesses. with that, approximately 19 million or 18% is with san francisco small businesses, and then within that, 9 million is with bayview hunters point area businesses, those residing within the 4124107 and 134, and that constitutes around 8.5%. what this basically says and it's been a pretty consistent trend since i've been here and looking at the contracting activities, what we have roughly is that the bayview hunters point and small businesses compete really and have been gaining contracts roughly at about 50 to 60 percent of san francisco businesses, so let me just summarize again. of the san francisco business dollars that are awarded,
9:22 am
roughly 50-60% of that is awarded to bayview hunters point businesses. for the active projects that was reported in december -- >> now, we're just talking hunters point dollars only? >> yes, this is hunters point only. >> okay, got it. >> whi last reported or made the report to the commission for activities up -- active projects up until december 31, 2015 as an example, roughly 58% of all san francisco dollars were also awarded to bayview hunters point businesses. and i can give you the particular breakdown in termser of the number of businesses. for the activities between january to march, which anticipated is roughly 24 bayview businesses are slated for awards, and again, not all contracts have been fully awarded as yet, but these are pretty certain numbers as we
9:23 am
talk with the general contractor. of that, 8 of them are minority owned businesses and one is female owned businesses. that doesn't quite answer your question about prime contractors. >> right. >> but we have had some past experience of prime contractors winning awards, but those awards are roughly in the neighborhood of 5-8 million tops, certainly not near any of these large housing constructions that are sitting at 61 or 62 million or 45 million. to answer the question about what is possible in term of engaging small businesses at a prime level, i've had conversations with a number of firms, we were out at the golden state warriors tip off meeting as well, spoke to contractors there as well,
9:24 am
the sentiment that was shared with respect to not having quite the experience or the capacity to compete at the prime level, what could or cannot be done in terms of getting additional small businesses to participate at a prime level, the unfortunate reality is we have to strike a balance between what the objective is in terms of completing a project, so what i'm trying to get at is the developer's requirement to being assure hated a project can be completed with an experienced firm, whatnot. it really is trying to find the right balance between would've with the developer, providing them the comfort level as well as not making it so onerous to the small business where they cannot compete, that's just even to get your foot in the door.
9:25 am
certainly my response to some of the small businesses has been that like all things in life, it has to be gradual, slowly gaining that experience would help. there's been instances where we're looking at having large contractor break out some scope with a recent and i think you're familiar with the mission bay 3 east, some of the sentiment has been for the bidder to bid at some of the smaller work that the developer has, to gain that repo*r and reputation and gain that experience, so it's not an easy answer. i think it takes quite a bit of work in termser of working with the small contractors, being sensitive. we certainly are sensitive in terms of what the requirements may or may not be, so that we do not
9:26 am
inadvertently preclude a small business from trying to compete. when i say this is just the first step in getting your foot if the door, the second part of it, it still has to go back down to the cost of the bids, and that's another area that we certainly would have to work with the small business in terms of educating. there may be economies of scale that a large business has as oppose today small business, those are areas that we make known to the developers and gc's to keep that sensitive as well, where if it is an acceptable increase, cost impact increase that they consider to the small business, when we talk about magnitudes of 60 million dollar projects and 45 million dollar projects, those variances have been pretty significant. >> so, i know it's not an easy question to sort of answer and you alluded to
9:27 am
that, but there has to be some sort of practical answer that we need to look at because part of why this project was going through in the first place was because we had said to linar during redevelopment days that it's just not getting them or any developer to come in and create some vertical buildings but how do you lift up a whole community, and we were hoping that we could as a city lead the way with this project and that the small businesses, the small contractors would be able to benefit from this, and you know, like we keep saying the same thing, but yet, you know, we have subcontractors that come to us all the time
9:28 am
and say, you know, we're not getting paid, we're getting pushed out when part of the beauty of the developers that we had chosen was to be able to help a community because that's how we're going to get people to get to the next step, right, is, you know, it does take time to sort of go to that route, but i would think that as a public benefit, that you know, this commission and the city demanded of the developers that we would hope that the developers as sort of the big ones could help the smaller ones inch their way up, and it seems like that may not be happening, that when we talk to developers privately, we definitely get it, but when push comes to shove, we find people not getting paid on time, they're having to payroll or pushed off the project, so i mean, we have to look at it i think in a
9:29 am
more practical way. >> well, in response to that, i want to give credit to the commission in termser of it amending the sb policy back in july of last year and providing clarity with respect to associations and joint ventures because that is an area where we see as a practical basis finding some of the solutions. i mention as an example the joint venture that was created for the candlestick demolition. the message is flowing within the community in termser of having larger businesses foster smaller businesses through a joint venture, that is one way for a smaller firm to gain that experience, gain that exposure, and we've had a number of joint venture agreements come across our desk for review under that basis. there has been a recent
9:30 am
joint venture that was submitted for one of the bids that this firm was not successful and it had to do with cost, so again, there's multiple facets, but we certainly take to heart working with the developers, working with the small businesses and certainly through the avenues of joint ventures and associations, encourage that to take place so we could help build the capacity of small businesses. >> i'm sorry, but i need to reckon, we're having a conversation with staff, i can't allow the interruption. okay, we don't need to take the entire time because we have other matters we need to discuss, but i think in commissioners questions and matters, some direction might come up certainly from me, but one take away, thsmaum businesses that you're referring to are for the most part certified local
9:31 am
businesses in san francisco, if you look at the record and city and county of san francisco, you see robust double digit numbers and across all categories, joint venturing, priming under 10 million for construction just increased to 20 million at the subcontractor level, so there is the variety of public work or work that the city engages in from building control towers in sfo or terminal and is runways all the way to water systems, etc., these are complex infrastructure projects and i can't believe the folk that is are capable of doing those kinds of projects are not somehow also capable of doing some of these other project, particularly the ones at hunters point, if somebody can build a control tower and get it approved from the faa in partnership with a major contractor, they can certainly build a good portion of what we've got
9:32 am
going out here in hunters point, i leave that with you because i think we're going to could come back to this issue. i think that our developers pay to some extent not all of them, but to some extent pay lip service to our small business program, they look at the bottom line in terp of the ups, they satisfy the numbers and then once those numbers are satisfied, know, their obligations i think in their minds have been accomplished and then these issues that you're referring to cost factors come into play. i find that -- unsettling frankly that we have capable contractor ins the 94124 area who are competing and the promise that they will not only compete but will win and they should be winning with a preference,
9:33 am
9:34 am
9:35 am
[inaudible]. >> now, i'm here and i got two minutes, the city and county right now and part of
9:36 am
my deal was don't go against the grain, its's because i have too many problems with the process they have going on right now and the selecting about the addition, let me give you a prime example. right now, the leverage is too bent towards the city. here we got oewd, may yr's office and neighborhoods, oci,, supervisor london breed, the department of real estate, and what other agency that is are involved with the small piece of property which you guys even feel it merely exists in your budget and now here it's coming back to nip you in the bud, we can resolve that, you don't have to have ace washington turn into an activist, you can have me as a partner and try to resolve the issue and try to put our community together, the new, the young and the -- it is so diverse now, there's no more about racism or black and white, it's all about we're working together and i'm going the try to do that, so with your
9:37 am
help and london's help, we can do that, but my issue is right now, the thing they're having tonight and i'm not going to be an activist, but i'm hoping and praying we're going to roll out some new program where we can have the community utilize the space and bring back what this generation is used to entertaining, we're used to jazz, there's another generation, we don't know too much of jazz, and we can bring back all the music, music is universal, the we can get the concept of the community to stop worrying about the issue and is we can come together in song and dance and help our generation come together and all of the ethnic groups come togetherfinger we can be a united community and serve as an example like they did at the urban renewal. so, thank you. >> thank you. mr. miller? this is public comment. >> yes. a comment on -- i think it's commendable that the
9:38 am
commission wants to make sure that small businesses in this area get an opportunity, and the opportunity to be a general contractor and to really contract and to be a part of helping the city grow and the community grow, and the issue we're wanting to do larger projects, not just as a subcontractor but as a general contractor, that's something that is necessary. i've been a subcontractor for the last 30 years, and my question is why is it that we don't have a larger minority contractor that's able to help the smaller subcontractors come through the -- to make their way up through the ranks, and the problem is that we as contractors, we haven't had a chance because it's always been, we have to bond, you have to bond this, you have to bond that and you come up, you ask, how do we get around the bonding issue, how do we get around being able to participate, and i remember back with the redevelopment
9:39 am
agency, you had a payment bond, you had a maturity bond, you don't have to put both in place at the same time. i understand -- you understand this, if we want to make this happen, we, the people, can make it happen. there has been to be a will that we want to make it happen, so i say to the commission, the will to make this happen when we have smaller contractors doing 20 million dollar jobs, 40 million dollar jobs or 60 million dollar jobs, we can make that happen. we don't have to take the idea that they're not qualified. most of using, we've been doing this a lot time, we're definitely qualified and we know how to do this work, we need your support to want to make it happen, if you want to make it happen, we can make it happen and the way to make it happen is the bonding capacity and i think about this, and this is the thing that -- well, mind boggles me, when we had the crash, all these banks went bankrupt, every bank in the
9:40 am
country went bankrupt, where was the bonding then? [inaudible] so, how can you stand in front of us and say, if you want the job, you have to have a bond, if every one of them failed and we helped them, how about helping us for a change, how about standing up for us as the people of this country and say, okay, you know, you guys are qualified, we wanted to make available for you to be able to rise up and raise your community up. if it's the will, we can make it happen, that's what i want to say. thank you. >> thank you. no mr. speaker cards? >> no. >> okay. public comment is closed. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 7, report of the chair. madam chair? >> i do not have a report. t next order of business is item 8, report of the
9:41 am
executive director. madam director? >> commissioners, i think as you know, the san francisco business times publishes an annual report about real estate deals of the year, you may have seen recently in the last week or so that park tower, transbay block 5 under development by equity partner met life, the john buck company and galob, as you know, you posed that transaction in september of last year for 172.5 million dollars with strong workforce and contracting participation to date, with strong commitments on the contracting and local hiring side, it's a fantastic design, you were very innovative in your rfp selection to include workforce and contracting requirements as a component of the rfp, that 172.5 million compares very favorably to the tjpa's sale of parcel t, the sales force tower for 192 million, and
9:42 am
it's really apples to oranges, different point of time, but as you know, block 5 is a 700 thousand gross square foot office project, sort of one of the last to sort of skate through without uncertainty for prop m, ground floor retail, fantastic public art, urban rooms, it's really a wonderful addition to the public realm and serves you for the transbay district, so if you haven't seen the real estate deal of the year, we can certainly show that around. er >> yes, i haven't read all of the business times on my desk. >> and i would add through the khai, we closed that in 9 months from once selected to land sale closing which is record time. that's our best yet for all the transbay deals. >> excellent. congratulations to all of us. so, i need to ask, is there
9:43 am
any member of the public that would like to comment on the executive director's report? seeing none, madam secretary, can you please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 9, commissioners' questions and matters, madam xhair? >> does any commissioner have a question or a matter? i think the only matter that i would like us to explore and not necessarily here but perhaps at a special hearing, maybe a smaller group, the chair and the vice chair with the executive director and general counsel on possibly amendments to our sbe policy, that would either require competitors for -- through our rfp's or competitors that are to be awarded prime
9:44 am
contracts by our developers, either consider sbe participation at the prime level or perhaps require them to have a joint venture with an sbe, so food for thought. and then the legal question there would be can we impose an amendment or adopt an amendment to the sbe policy now as an example and then have that flow through the existing agreements that we have with our developers so they are bound, even though we're approving those requirements now. that would be the legal question. okay. so, please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 10, closed session. madam chair? >> yes, at this point, the commission will be convening in closed session. i'm going the need to ask all members of the public and staff that are not part of the closed session matter to
9:45 am
please leave the room and i will announce the basis for the closed session. it is to conduct a conference with real property negotiators pursuant to california government code section 54956.8, and the purpose of the closed session is to give direction to staff regarding the potential sale of the property described below which is on the agenda and defined or described as 200 main street, also known as transbay block 4. thank you. okay, so are we on?
9:46 am
>> it is 4:17, the commission is -- has concluded its closed session, and will report that on april 19, 2016, there will be a public hearing held by the commission on the block 4 option. >> okay. >> okay, so that's all we are going to report out. can you please call the next item. >> the next order of
9:47 am
business is item 11, adjournment, madam chair? >> yes, the meeting is adjourned at 4:18, thank you. ( meeting is adjourned )..
9:48 am
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9:50 am
>> we all know a major
9:51 am
earthquake will eventually hit san francisco are reproerl presented san francisco is making sure we are with the public safety buildings. >> this consists of 4 consultants the police headquarters with the from 850 with a brand new fire station number 4 to serve mission bay swimming pools at office of economic workforce development in the fire station thirty. >> is the the hall of justice on bryant the new home for 2 hundred and 50 uniform and voiven compresses we all it was opened in 19 so sociothat is a 50-year improvement as far as structure and work environment
9:52 am
had that will be a great place to work. >> when construction began in 2011 this was with an clear goal to make sure with the big one heights the resident will will have a function police department those are the highly seismic standards it is up to operate up to 96 hours from the police department perspective that building is self-sufficient for a main made arrest in all disastrous zake ever after we will run our operational from here no matter what happens this building and the people that serve the businesses will continue to function building is designed to meet lead goal certification and also to art installations on the campus that was designed and
9:53 am
constructed to better sense of ability so for example, we're using solar water heaters we're also urging gray water for reuse inform flush water and rainwater for the cooling and irrigation locked on third street and mission rock is it serves the motorbike neighborhood and motorbike i moiks is a growing neighborhood and the intent of the bond to have please and fire serves to serve the community. >> hemming helping to keep the building and the stay safe was the not the only opportunity it creates many jobs with 82 bleb businesses overall san franciscans contributed one hundred and 87 thousand hours to help to complete the project it shows the city of san francisco
9:54 am
the elected officials and police officers and more importantly the voters that paid for the building this is what we can do with when we wrorpt this is a beacon when we need to build new extra we can trust them with the money and the plan they did a good job the san francisco public is a reminder of the importance of being presented and will continue to serve the residents for decades to come
9:55 am
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